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Change Your Life for the Better: Become a Mountain Biker


Change Your Life for the Better: Become a Mountain Biker

With summer almost over, we tend to get rather nostalgic feelings already but just because autumn is on its way doesn’t mean we won’t get to have some outdoor fun same way. Well… okay, Sydney may not be catching a break from showers this March but you could try to be in the company of Melbourne’s surroundings!

Instead of turning into couch potatoes who spend most of their free time in front of the TV, binging on sweets and all sorts of snacks, using electronics and sitting eight hours (or more) at work, nature is always waiting for us to consider it in our leisurely plans. Bikes are still pretty much the great source of exercise and adventure, so next time you plan on having more screen time, give mountain biking and off the beaten path experiences some thought – you’d be surprised of how they would change your life for the better, particularly your health.

Mountain biking, as you’re probably aware, requires the specific type of bike designed for the rocky slopes and rough terrains; sturdy enough to withstand the off-road adventures with optimal performance. The magical thing about this sort of biking is as soon as you find yourself leaving the concrete jungle you get lost for time because of enjoying the outdoors (goodbye traffic!) so much, which is why when purchasing mountain bikes lights should receive the much needed consideration as well. You don’t want to end up in the middle of nowhere in the dark of the night not knowing how to find your way back, do you?

While the first moment you head out to buy your two-wheeled means of transport you’d be inclined to look for certain key features and specifications, in the likes of wheel size, suspension, brakes, gearing and frame materials, however when you want to get the best out of mountain bikes lights have to get your full attention if you want to make the most of the biking experience. The world of bike lights today offers plenty of choices, LEDs being the popular ones for their durability, power and unique up-to-date features such as recharging, built-in safety control circuit when over-charged and overheated, different brightness levels, flashing mode and digitally regulated output for maintaining constant brightness.

This type of biking is not that different from regular biking at first glance, but the different categories of mountain rides, such as trail riding, downhill, cross country and freeride, make for biking that’s more similar to trail running so there’s the right choice to suit everyone’s biking needs. Part of the charm of being a mountain biker is getting all the more flexible and strong as you make your way through the bumps and slopes, more so than with regular biking commuting to work or gliding through the city streets. Besides, what could be better than burning the extra calories while you’re passing by scenic views?

Mountain biking is a positive exercise all things considered, not just because you become one with nature but also because you’re required to be self-reliant; you learn how to believe in yourself and your abilities. You’d be surprised of your mechanic skills when you’re stranded kilometres away from help and you have to do certain repairs. As soon as you become a mountain biker you can expect groundbreaking lifestyle changes affecting your life for the better.

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