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The Whole Story on Mufflers That Make Vehicles Sound Tougher


The Whole Story on Mufflers That Make Vehicles Sound Tougher

If you hear two car engines run, one with and the other without a muffler, you’ll notice a huge difference in the way they sound. Mufflers have simple sets of tubes with holes in the which are tuned finely as an instrument. They’re designed this way so they can reflect the sound waves which are produced by a car’s engine in such a way that they cancel themselves out.

The majority of mufflers have an outlet and inlet valve, a housing for both of them, and a resonant chamber. When gas flows through the cat, it’s taken through the inlet valve from the engine. The gas then flows into the housing via few small holes and bounces around the muffler, which is what creates a noise that cancels the noise coming from the exhaust system. Most of the reduction comes from the resonance chamber.

Usually made of aluminised steel, aluminium or stainless steel with the stainless steel ones being the best and most durable, but that’s not always the case. Before you invest in one, check whether they’re coated with extra fibreglass or steel wool which adds to the sound reduction. If shopping for mufflers online, you’ll come across a wide selection of types. The most important thing to consider is the design and whether it fits your vehicle.


There are universal models as well as mufflers made for specific car models; standard and high-performance ones. High-performance ones don’t reduce the sound as much, but they’re lighter and remove weight from the vehicle, which still provides a slight advantage.

Exhausts are also generally divided into two subcategories – single and dual. Single exhaust come with most new cars, as they’re inexpensive to make and most drivers are okay with them. However, for a true car fanatic, a single exhaust can take away from the performance of readily available torque and horsepower.

Dual exhaust on the other hand operate with two mufflers, and are associated with muscle cars and other high-performance cars. However, some manufacturers use only one muffler for both exhaust pipe ends, but there isn’t any horsepower advantage when using this method, as there is only one manifold.

Anyhow, investing in a muffler will most likely change the way your vehicle sounds, and shopping online has many advantages as you can read a lot of reviews and specifications about the products you’re buying. Watching youtube videos can also help you make the right decision, as you can hear how they work on different types of vehicles.

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