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The Right Packaging Products to Keep Your Food Fresh and Robust


The Right Packaging Products to Keep Your Food Fresh and Robust

I bet you’ve been in a situation when you made a huge bowl of salad for lunch, but then you realized it’s too much veggies for one meal. Well, you needn’t worry, it happens to all of us, constantly. Since it is such a shame to throw it away, you can save it for later (a light dinner is always welcome) by storing the salad in the right food storage container and then in the fridge. Simple as that. The key to having a fresh and robust food, even when it comes from the fridge or freezer, are the right food packaging products.

The manner in which you pack your food usually depends on the type of food as well as on how much room you have in the fridge/freezer and how you plan to reheat it later on (if you plan to freeze it). In case you plan to pack lunch leftovers for work, a plastic container with a lid will do the job, but in case you plan to freeze a whole meal, consider to freeze it in zip-top bags.

Since you’ve got a lot of options to choose from, here’s an extended list of the best and most useful solutions that can help you keep your food fresh.

Wrap & Paper Bags

Whether you choose a paper, foil (plastic or aluminium), or plastic wrap and wrap bags, the number from which you can choose is huge. Regardless of the reason why you need a wrapping paper or bag, these food packaging products are great for insulating food from the air (the cold one as well in case you keep the food in the freezer) in order to avoid drying the nutrients out. For instance, wraps are great for keeping your sandwich fresh just by the time you eat it, as well as for keeping solids like large cuts of fish, meat, meatloaves, and bread. When it comes to paper bags, they were the first food packaging choice since their appearance in 1852. These days, they are still a popular choice for packing food because of their durability and eco-friendliness. They are great for keeping your coffee, tea leaves, cookies and candies, snack foods and nuts and french fries fresh.

Tortila Packaging

Plastic Boxes with Lids

The truth is that we all use them, but not all of us are familiar with the fact that they are good only for short term usage. Since they come in different sizes, shapes and are made from different plastic that can be reused or disposed of, make sure you choose the ones designed for your purpose. Both reusable and disposable are an inexpensive and great solution when using them in a short term. They are lightweight, easily portable and great for keeping your food fresh for work.

Glass Containers & Glass Jars with Lids

When it comes to keeping the food, nothing beats glass as this is the safest way to keep your food. They can be used as many times as you want, meaning they are reusable and also great for freezing food and reheating it in a breeze. You can keep any type of food in a glass container, from sandwiches and tuna wraps to soups, potato stew and so on.

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