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Simplicity and Serenity: Get a Taste of the Nordic Bedroom


Simplicity and Serenity: Get a Taste of the Nordic Bedroom

Scandinavian interior design is the perfect answer for everyone that has an ever-lasting need for cleanliness, serenity, and room to breathe in their home. And nowhere is this style more welcomed than in the bedroom, which by definition is a naturally restful place and therefore aligns perfectly with the principles of Scandinavian – simplicity and cleanliness. Here are some bedroom ideas to steal from the Nordic style we love so much.

White is Always Right

No need to worry about the shades of the walls. This white-wall loving style is sure to soothe the senses. Crisp white walls are always a pleasure to work with, since they give you the capacity to introduce eye-catching wall art and interesting lighting fixtures without making this room seem too cluttered. If your bedroom looks like a black-and-white-photo, you’re probably getting the Nordic look right.

Bring the Outdoors in


Part of the charm of Nordic design is the strong connection it has with nature. Starting with wood – the favourite material furnishings in a Nordic bedroom are made of, from nightstands to bed frames and wardrobes. Moreover, this style has a huge love of wooden floors that add some texture and warmth to the space. You can even go so far as to incorporate it on the ceilings and at the sides of the walls. Finally, don’t forget to bring small pieces of nature in the form of succulents, cacti or other luscious plants. There’s nothing more soothing than fresh greenery.

Strip Free of Unnecessary Things


The room that’s going to be your sanctuary at the end of the day, should be able to escape the mess of life. That’s why there’s no better design scheme for a bedroom than Scandinavian. One of the most important principles of this style is minimalism. To create a truly Nordic Bedroom you should scale back on accessories, get rid of anything you don’t use and find smart storage solutions to hide away everything you do use. Some of the items that have no place in the bedroom are TVs, computers, old magazines, loose change, paperwork and similar stuff. Use a system for storing your essentials in a nightstand with plenty of drawers and compartments. And of course, think about hidden storage like for instance under-the-bed drawers and ottomans with removable seats.

Form and Function


The simplicity of the setting allows for architectural features to shine beautifully. The more geometrically accentuated the walls and ceilings are, the better. It’s also not uncommon to see Nordic bedrooms with columns and arched windows which give the room an unusual twist. Furniture also has a distinctive geometric look with straight lines and rectangular shapes. The furniture set should consist of pieces chosen for their practicality and made from materials picked because of their beauty as well as longevity.

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