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From Start to Success: How to Start a Karaoke Business


From Start to Success: How to Start a Karaoke Business

The time for celebrations, singing and drinking in clubs and restaurants all night long is just around the corner, so if you were looking for an idea to start a business, now is the time to consider opening a karaoke bar. I like to think of karaoke as one of those activities that fills the room with positive energy and allows people to simply be themselves when they grab the microphone. It’s karaoke and nobody says you’re supposed to be good at singing!

So, a karaoke bar. How would that look like?

Well, it would be a bar, for starters. That means you’d have to find the right space and design it properly so that it could function like one. If you want a bar that would be devoted entirely to the karaoke purpose, you’d probably want to architecturally divide the place into karaoke rooms for different music genres and styles. That way all people with various tastes in music can find their suitable room.

Be creative as much as you can in designing the bar; create an atmosphere people would find cosy and familiar enough for goofing around and playing singers. And of course, make sure there’s a very long and large counter with bar stools you want an ambiance of freedom, communication and new friendships, not an audience that’s waiting to judge your karaoke singers. Besides designing the right space and creating the atmosphere, you’d also need proper karaoke equipment.

A music player and a video monitor

This would most likely be a digital player, considering the technological development. Digital players save you the hassle of using and carrying discs. They provide a simple graphical interface and a simple way for searching songs. An essential part of karaoke is the video monitor for displaying the lyrics of the songs. Make it a large one, after all it’s a karaoke bar!


It won’t be karaoke if there wasn’t an attractive microphone in the middle of the scene luring people to overcome their shame and fear of performing in front of a large audience and sing. Without the microphone you can’t have karaoke, and having it perfectly connected with the rest of the equipment is of great essence. For this, you’d need microphone cables of the highest quality since you want them to last. Be attentive when you choose microphone cables: consider the manner of connection, is it male XLR to female XLR or not, and how long it is.


What type of speakers you will get would determine how much of a show you will provide for your guests. Make it loud, fun, positive and lively! For that, make sure you know the difference between powered speakers and passive speakers. Powered speakers don’t need an amplifier and passive ones do. Passive speakers need to be connected with a separate amplifier to enhance the sound, which means more installation and maintenance work for you.

The refining details

This is just a raw picture of how should a karaoke bar look like, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s easy to open it and run it. Make the complete business plan, the costs you’ll have to take care of, and most importantly, create a strategy for you to stand out of the crowd, especially if you operate in an area that has a couple of karaoke bars.

Finally, be a showman! Karaoke is all about fun and giving people a chance to have a good time. That kind of attitude always attracts the best crowd.

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