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The Story of Supplements: Benefits of Protein Shakes

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The Story of Supplements: Benefits of Protein Shakes

The importance of staying physically active is already known, even to couch potatoes: it enables us to reap well-being benefits. Now, knowing and doing aren’t the same thing, so for many squeezing in some time for the gym in the busy day to day life might not be possible, or at least not as often as we want.

Same as working out, nutrition is equally important, which is also where most of us fail because what’s healthy isn’t always quick to prepare. Or is it? Though we might think supplements, like the various shakes, are advisable only for bodybuilders and athletes, it doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t enjoy the benefits they provide.

For one they are versatile in terms of tastes and blends, and second, there are ready to drink protein shakes that are both cost-efficient and time saving. The reason these shakes are recommended both for men and women (yes, despite the lesser need of protein), fans of staying physically fit or not, has to do with how they help us maintain our optimal health.

The popular supplements they are, ready to drink protein shakes are to be used along with your regular diet and not as a replacement if you’re hoping to reap all of the benefits they provide. First of all, they happen to be a great source of nutrients and they come in handy when you don’t have the time to prepare a meal of foods high in protein.

Since it’s protein we’re talking about, you can be sure of getting full faster, as it’s more satiating than carbs, and as a result you don’t feel so inclined to have more intake of calories. What this translates to is weight control, something we’re all glad to achieve.

For those of us who work out, great news is protein shakes can help with muscle growth. Without the protein shakes, workouts may not prove to be so effective because the exercise causes oxidative stress, wasting amino acids, and without amino acids you can’t count on lean body mass build-up. Protein contains amino acids needed for muscles.

Moreover, when you train with more intensity, the exercises wear out your body, draining your energy and strength. The delicious and sugar-free protein shakes are ideal with intensive training as they speed up recovery. You can be sure of extra benefits if the shakes are a blend of hydration-promoting electrolytes too.

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