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It Is Never Too Early to Be Cool – What Makes a Good Kids Skateboard?


It Is Never Too Early to Be Cool – What Makes a Good Kids Skateboard?

If your kid is really serious about skateboarding, you are in for some thoughtful considerations and difficult buying decisions. To ensure that your little one learns how to skateboard faster and pick up some cool tricks easier while being safe, you will need to get him the best skateboard for his age, skills level, and needs. I know, it sounds complicated at first, but with some reading on the matter and by eliminating the options that you think are not suitable for him, you will be close to making a good buying decision. Plus, you got me here today, so no worries. Now let’s see what you should pay attention to when shopping, shall we?

Real Skateboards Vs. Toy Shop Skateboards

There are a lot of differences between the skateboards you can buy from a skate shop and those available at a toy shop. Although these differences might not be obvious to a beginner’s eye, it is important that you don’t get the wrong type of skateboard for you kid. You see, a toy shop skateboard is usually made from poor quality wood and glue, plastic bushings and plastic wheels that are often slow and slippery. This means that it won’t last more than 5 minutes. Furthermore, corners are cut in the construction of this type of board, which can negatively affect performance and safety.

Real skateboards, on the other hand, are made from quality materials such as maple wood, softer bushings and urethane wheels, which allows for quicker progression. With these lovelies, balancing and turning is much easier, which, consequently, will positively affect your kid’s confidence. While this type of skateboard often costs more than toy shop models, sometimes you can also find it on the aisle of kids skateboards for sale, which means there are some great deals on them as well.

Now let’s take a look at the most common types of skateboards for kids.

Classic Board

This is the most common type for kids as it has rounded risen ends that enable little ones to perform any move that they think of. If your child loves doing tricks, this is the ideal type of skateboard for him. It is also great for skating in the skatepark and going fast over short distances.


If your child prefers skating on long distances, this type of skateboard, which has a longer deck and larger wheels, will be perfect for him. However, it is important to understand that the design of these boards restricts many movements and makes it hard to do tricks when skating. It is especially good for cruising in A to B style.


This is a relatively new type of skateboard – it has only 2 wheels and unlike the other types that are powered by kick-push, it relies on the skater’s movement. It is the most appropriate type for riding through flat, open spaces.

Sizes of Skateboards for Kids

A smaller board is recommended for 4 or 5 years old kids. Because the 2 sets of wheels are closer than they are on a standard broad, this results in a higher centre of gravity, which makes it more difficult for the child to maintain balance. For children at the age between 8 and 12, a full-size board is perfect. Look for a model that is 7.5 inches wide and more lightweight so that it is easier for your kid to maneuver it. And don’t worry about spending too much on this – with the vast array of choices available today, you can easily find a lot of types of kids skateboards for sale, so as long as you know what features you are looking for you are sure to find a good deal.

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