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Ways to Reduce Children’s Screen Time: Cut Back Without a Fight


Ways to Reduce Children’s Screen Time: Cut Back Without a Fight

Whether we like it or not, there’s addiction among children when it comes to screen time. Although it can be educational, in most cases, children are either playing games or watching absurd YouTube videos. Unfortunately, the effects of this can be bad and in most cases dangerous since they are linked to numerous health conditions. So, it would be better if you don’t wait for the alarm to go off to act!

Reduced screen time gives children more time and space to explore the surrounding, play and improve their imagination. That way, they’ll improve their brain functions while also being able to develop some new interests and hobbies. There are some really cool ways in which you can help your child reduce the need of wanting to spend more time on his phone/tablet than doing something else.

Explore the Outdoors with Kid Scooters

Kids riding scooters

Your child must gain the desire to spend more time outdoors, and what better way to do that than with his family and on a scooter?! Making friends might be difficult for him because of his lack of socialising, so a little help from you in the beginning might be needed. Instead of just buying a scooter for him, have one for yourselves as well and create a family scooter tradition.

Ride around the neighbourhood and have fun together while helping your child gain confidence and ability to socialise. Aside from boosting movements and muscle development, child scooters, including toddlers scooters enhance balance and coordination which is something that cannot be obtained from sedentary activities. These tools are also great for sharpening children’s motor skills which are crucial to leading a good life. By riding a scooter from an early age, your child will also benefit from optimal muscle development. In turn, this will positively affect his confidence and personality development.

Staying active with toddlers scooters is also linked to a boost in mental, emotional and social skills where the latter is fundamental in making new friends. Thanks to this new routine of having family fun scooter time, you’ll help your child improve his social skills and, over time, he’ll even enjoy spending more time outside making new friends. Creating cheerful, compassionate, and strong people should be the goal of every parent, and this is one of the ways to help him achieve this.

The choice of kids scooter is huge, and all of them range in material, size, colour, design and type. Having this in mind, it can’t be exactly said which is the best scooter for your child and family needs. Instead, doing thorough research on your own can help you choose the ideal model made from the most quality material, and equipped with all of the rest features. To make the shopping fun too, leave the choice of design and colour to your child’s personal taste. In the end, he’ll be the one riding it and not you.

Encourage Playtime with Backyard Toys

Kids having fun in the pool

Having a backyard is a real blast, especially for spending more time outdoors when not in the mood to go out. You can decorate it as you wish and add the best and most entertaining backyard toys and games that can tempt your child outdoors. With the huge selection, you can literally create your very own fun park at home.

Children love playing and having fun, and your child won’t be an exception. While he may need some push and encouragement from you, the results will be inevitable and your little one will be eager to play in the backyard once finished with school and homework.

The trampoline is the first fun toy on the list since children love playing with it. When having company, they could jump even for hours and over time, they can totally overpass their screen addiction. Once the night falls, your little one will ‘pass out’ within seconds, which will give you the much-needed free time at night to unwind.

If wanting to invest in something more portable that you can carry anywhere with you, invest in a pair of balls like a volleyball ball, football ball, basketball ball etc. You can also buy a mini table tennis set, toss and catch set, jumping ropes and so many other things of the sort. All of them can ensure your child has the most fun of all.

For those hot summer nights, you can invest in some summer-inspired toys like water guns, and the famous twister game, but adapted for summer – with a splash. Depending on the model and brand, usually, there are holes on the side of the mat and all you’ll have to do is to attach a hose and let your child cool down while twisting. This is a fun game that all of you could play.

Set Screen Time Limit and Never Break It

If you want to avoid frustration, and tantrums, it’s best to reduce the screen time instead of eliminating it entirely. All you’ll need to do is set a limit on his screen time as a precaution and that’s it. In the beginning, you may see your child reluctant to this change, especially when playing a game, but the key is to always warn him 5-10 minutes before his screen time is up. That way, he can have enough time to play and leave the phone on time without making a fuss.

Mom playing with her kid

Be a Role Model

The biggest mistake you can make is setting a limit to your child’s screen time but not to yours. If you’re constantly on your phone, tablet or computer, you won’t set any example for your child and everything that you want to achieve will be in vain. That’s why you should try and stay true to your teaching method by not being on the phone around your child and during mealtime.

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