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What to Look for in a Protein Shaker

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What to Look for in a Protein Shaker

Shaker bottles are an absolute must for any powdered supplement aficionado. Whether it’s a magnesium powder, protein powder, or pre-workout, nothing beats dumping some protein and water into a shaker bottle and applying some serious arm force to hopefully produce a smooth and pleasant drink free of the dreaded powder clumps.

Silver Protein Shaker

Because of their convenience, simple use, and affordable price, shaker bottles nowadays come in a wide selection of useful shapes and materials that can be difficult to know where to begin.

Important Design Features

When finding the perfect design for a shaker, there are a few main features worth taking into consideration, including the material utilised, the mechanism employed to break up protein globules, and the presence of a storage container at the base.

To keep your favourite supplements fresh and safe on your way to the gym, a sturdy protein shaker contains a stainless steel mixing ball that bounces around inside the container when you shake up your drink. If you shake the ball vigorously enough, it will bang against powder clumps and break them up.

The most aggravating aspect of these stainless steel balls is when many of them become entangled on the dish rack. They connect like a couple of creeper vines left to grow close together. On the other hand, separating them is akin to solving a Rubik’s puzzle without the satisfaction of completion. So, if you have a few on the strainer, try to keep them apart because when they join together, it spells disaster.

However, not all protein shakers come with a stainless steel ball. Some people use a set grid at the top of the shaker bottle, while others use an Action rod. These are easier to clean than stainless steel balls. Some smart shakers have fashioned their protein-breaking grid into a fruit or vegetable infuser. On a hot summer day, you can mix a smooth protein shake or simply drink a cold cucumber and lemon water.

Moreover, when heading out for the day, having a shaker container that can store dry powder, tablets, and water separately might be really useful. These are referred to as smart shaker bottles. These shakers help to avoid drink spoiling, which can occur when you make your shakes ahead of time. And, for those wondering when to drink their protein shakes, the optimal time is right after you mix it.

In addition to these smart features, there are battery-powered protein shakers for those whose patience is wearing low! Some even have battery-powered mixers and LED lights that display motivating phrases while you mix.

White Protein Shaker

Safe Shaker Materials

A metal protein shaker is unquestionably the most environmentally friendly product, as well as the safest one for human health. This helps to avoid stains, dents, and other damage while also extending the life of the protein shaker bottle. Moreover, the stainless steel option is BPA- and Phthalate-free, which means that you won’t have to worry about your drinks being exposed to harsh or dangerous chemicals.

A stainless steel protein shaker can be washed easily in the dishwasher. So if you only have a few minutes to clean the unit, it won’t be a problem. Simply place it in the dishwasher before your next workout, whether at home or a local gym.

On the other hand, most stainless steel shakers do have a plastic inner cover with a grid for breaking down powder clumps, so there will be some plastic exposure. Still, stainless steel is unquestionably a safer option for long-term use although most plastic shaker bottles are comprised of polypropylene-PP, which is considered the safest plastic for food contact.

Cleaning Aspects & Tools

It may appear that there isn’t much to know about cleaning a shaker bottle. However, due to the design of many of these shakers, as well as the steel balls or grids, they can be a hard affair if you don’t have some major cleaning techniques on hand.

After all, nobody wants to find some of yesterday’s protein shake trapped in the grooves of the lid or any other obvious nook or crevice. With that in mind, a clear shaker might help you discover spots to clean more easily.

A dish brush is one of the greatest cleaning tools for a shaker and if you don’t have one in your kitchen to use anytime a shaker bottle has fulfilled its job, you haven’t lived. It’s an inexpensive and useful cleaning tool for getting into those difficult locations, like the threads on the lid and deep into the shaker itself, where your hands simply don’t fit!

On the other hand, if you don’t have time to clean your shaker, simply place it in the refrigerator to keep the contents-particularly protein fresh. When it comes time to do the dishes, it will be a much more polite event.

Protein powder

When Not to Use Protein Shakers

Shake bottles aren’t appropriate for every situation. After all, instead of reaching for a 400ml protein shaker bottle while producing a mass gainer protein shake, reach for a large glass, jug, or blender. Moreover, some protein powders contain a solid 334g portion that requires an additional 700ml of water or milk. Therefore, you’ll need a super-sized shaker bottle for this, or you may skip the shaker entirely.

On the other hand, avoid using plastics while creating a warm or hot drink since they leak chemicals faster with heat. In this situation, you could use a stainless steel shaker, but the lid is likely to pop off if the contents are hot, which could result in some unpleasant splatter or spills in an upward direction. Shake at your own risk.

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