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Beginner Skater? Give Complete Skateboards a Try!


Beginner Skater? Give Complete Skateboards a Try!

Taking up a new hobby is an exciting experience, even when it’s something physically demanding as skateboarding. Although it may seem like a bit of a challenge to master, advancing in the skills is rewarding in many aspects. It’s a sport that teaches you patience, perseverance, and the thrill of avoiding danger by acquiring everything you need to get better at riding skateboards. Plus, mastering the right moves helps you work on overcoming fear.

As an individual activity, it helps you get a great workout out in the. It’s also a hobby that can give you the creative flexibility to do your thing with moves and tricks. Don’t be surprised if you get better at problem-solving too after you become more involved in the sport since it takes brainwork to figure out the best movements with the least risk of injury. And then there’s the fact you get to boost your closet with cool and comfortable skatewear! I could talk endlessly about all the perks skateboarding can enrich your life with, but I leave it for you to find out as you excel in it.

Now I’m sure as a beginner, you’re more interested in the basics, like getting to know what it takes to buy skateboards of a high quality that are right for you. The market is certainly full of options differing in brands, styles and patterns, but as a rookie, you’d make a wise decision if you invest in complete setups.

What Should You Know About Complete Skateboards?

picture of two boys beside a building with a skateboard in front them
source: Artem Podrez on pexels

As you might guess by the name, these are designs that are pre-assembled with all the needed components, which sets them apart from the custom-built kits that you get to choose and assemble yourself. As such, they’re ready for use the minute you buy them.

The complete variant is almost always the recommended choice for beginners because it offers more advantages that are useful with progressing in the sport. One of the principal reasons you’re advised to invest in it is, of course, the affordability. This is great initially since you don’t know if you’d give up on this hobby entirely along the way of learning the moves and tricks. Still, this affordability can also mean such skateboards might be made up of components that are on the low side of quality.

So, when you buy skateboards, it’s imperative to carefully choose the store and brand to be sure you get a sturdy design that would stand up to the upcoming wear and tear. As you’re able to buy complete setups, you save yourself the headache that comes from doing hours of research and risking errors of selecting the wrong parts, like trucks that are either too wide or too narrow for your board.

Versatility isn’t an issue because you can find an extensive range of standard skateboards for sale and longboards and cruisers in various shapes, sizes, and colours. These options offer the stability and responsiveness you need to start with the sport since most decks are equipped with grip tape. Another thing you’re going to love them for is the suitability for an array of terrains – perfect when you’re just figuring out which of the riding styles is best for you. Whether you’re interested in parks or streets, complete skateboards have your back!

Are There Any Drawbacks?

picture of a girl in a skatepark holding a skateboarder
source: Leonardo Aleixo Pires on pexels

Though ready-to-skate boards are mostly reccomended for beginners, pros and experienced skaters choose them too when looking for a durable choice as a backup. Still, they aren’t their primary choice because there are limitations with the customisation. As they come assembled, you don’t get a taste of the fun of selecting bearings, trucks, wheels, and decks, be it in size, material, or even colour. However, as a beginner who’s just getting to understand the sport and riding styles, this shouldn’t bother you.

What About the Specs of the Components?

Since there are many designs, when you decide to buy skateboards that are pre-assembled it’s best to choose the key features carefully.

Deck Size, Width, and Material

picture of a persons legs  riding a skateboard on concrete
source: Mong Mong on pexels

The size or width of the deck is important because it’s crucial for the board’s stability and how easy it would be for you to manoeuvre it. The standard options are decks with 7.5 and 8.0 inches. However, wider ones are also available. You can choose from the available options based on your shoe size and the skateboarding style you’re after.

Have in mind, that the bigger your feet, the wider the deck should be. Smaller decks will do if you’re interested in street skateboarding, whereas skating ramps require wider decks. As far as materials go, the most common is maple wood available in plies, i.e. layers. Most designs of deck skateboards Australia round skateboard stores have are made of 7-ply maple, though 9 are also a choice. As you progress in the hobby, you could move to more advanced materials, such as aluminium and fibreglass.

Wheel Size, Hardness, and Material

The usual options of wheel size range from 50 to 54mm, which are just the right choice for anyone getting in the sport since they’re medium in size and weight. Larger than this is an alternative that works better for getting more speed. In terms of hardness, the standard for beginners is around 99a durometer because of the all-around use, though most wheels are between the 78 and 100 range. The soft 78 to 87a are suitable for smooth rides even on rough surfaces on the streets because of the grip, as opposed to the hard, which are great for speed. Lastly, the typical material is polyurethane as it’s easy to manufacture and can vary in hardness.

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