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Skate Wear: On the Cool & Comfy Side of the Street


Skate Wear: On the Cool & Comfy Side of the Street

If you are new to the skating game, you may be wondering how you should dress so you can fit in the skateboarding crowd and avoid looking like a total rookie. While many say that you should just dress how you want and how you feel comfortable, in skateboard fitting is import and the style is pretty cool.


It is important that your skate wear is comfortable and provides motion and breathability. To be able to do all those elaborate tricks, you should be able to move your body freely. So your clothes can’t be confining or tight. Because skating also makes you hot, your clothes need to be breathable. And one more important factor: your clothes should provide protection in case of falling (and fall you will). Cotton meets all these requirements and it is the most popular choice among skateboarders. For the bottom (where your body is most likely to make contact with the ground) choose thicker cotton clothing material, like denim or canvas. For your upper body – cotton T-shirts for warm weather or sweat-shirts for colder days.

Another thing to keep in mind is to buy quality skate shoes. Good skate shoes should provide comfort, support and protection, and of course, a little style. Your feet are the main link between your brain and your board, so it is extremely important that you wear shoes that allow you to do your thing in comfort and protection.

Skate shoes are different from average sneakers due to a few unique characteristics, durability being the biggest one. While skating, your shoe may come into contact with cement and metal. Fabrics such as leather and suede are commonly used in skate shoes for their strength and heavy-duty nature. Other features like shoelace protectors and vulcanized soles give the shoes extra protection from the grind of skating.


Skater style goes a little further than simply buying skateboard brand clothes. A lot of skaters wear baggy jeans while other prefer super-tight jeans. T-shirts are popular with skaters, but sometimes ragged or rough-looking clothes are popular. One thing is for sure: skate wear trends change over time, so what is in this year might be out a couple of years from now.

The easiest thing to do is to visit stores specialized in selling branded skate wear. But besides buying skater branded clothes, you can also mix and match clothes you might buy elsewhere, so no one else has the same outfit as you do.

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