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How to Create an Adorable Scandinavian-Inspired Nursery

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How to Create an Adorable Scandinavian-Inspired Nursery

Perhaps one of the best feelings in the world is preparing the nursery for the arrival of a new baby. Unfortunately, many parents make the mistake of creating a cluttered space that’s overflowing with millions of colours. But as opposed to being overwhelming, a nursery should be a tender and soothing space with simple colour combos which inspires the child. And this is why Scandinavian style works so well in this room. So, if you want to welcome your little bundle of joy in a Scandinavian-inspired nursery, here’s what you need to consider.

Choose Functional Furniture

The best thing about Scandinavian design is how practical and versatile it is. Very often, Scandinavian nursery furniture is designed to meet several functions. For instance, cribs are adjustable and can transform into toddler beds once your bundle of joy is grown up, and armchairs often include built-in storage. Wheels are also a common feature in Scandinavian nursery furniture as they allow you to easily move and rearrange things according to your needs.

Maintain a Clutter-free Environment

Scandinavian is a minimalist style, which means that a room should be free from useless things and clutter. And a minimalist, clutter-free setting totally makes sense for a nursery. Just think about it – kids don’t need that much stuff. Plus, you’ll be moving your baby back and forth from the crib to the sofa for nursing, and the last thing you want is to trip on something when you’re not expecting it. On this note, the best way to keep the space clean and clutter-free is to use lots of functional storage. From changing tables with interior compartments for diapers, creams and clean clothes to cribs with drawers, many pieces of Scandinavian nursery furniture feature hidden storage. So, use storage to make sure that everything in this room has its own place when you’re done using it instead of being left scattered around.

Use a Simple Colour Palette

The hallmark of Scandinavian design is fresh, white walls. And white is a great colour to use in a nursery as it symbolizes innocence. The white background is a perfect way to put emphasis on the other colours in the room, as well as the subtle design elements such as shape and texture. The remainder of the colour palette should be mostly neutral and soft pastel hues. You can also use brighter colours as long as you stick to only a few small accents, like for instance some wall posters or plush toys.

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