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Creative Uses of Kilner Jars Around the House


Creative Uses of Kilner Jars Around the House



Glass jars are a timeless essential that can be found in every kitchen. And when speaking about glass jars, it’s inevitable to mention Kilner Australia made jars. Kilner is a brand that has been existing for 175 years now, mainly producing handmade bottles and jars. Today, it is widely popular thanks to its distinctive pressure seal and iconic design. Even though bottles and jars are primarily used in the kitchen, they can also have different purposes, depending on your needs and creativity.

Drinks Dispenser

U can use larger Kilner jars as drink dispensers to keep your drinks fresh and cold for a longer time. The unique seal and vacuum system of these jars will help keep your beverages as tasty as when you’ve made them. Kilner glass jars have a wide neck opening which makes them easy to refill or add ice and fruit to. Featuring an easy pour tap that keeps drinks flowing and a rectangular shape, the Kilner drinks dispenser is specifically designed to maximize space on your fridge shelves. Its clever dispensing tap also makes serving easy. It is the perfect choice for any outdoor event, such as garden parties, wedding celebrations, picnics, barbecues, etc.

Storing Dry and Fresh Food

Since glass is the perfect material for food storage, it’s understandable why Kilner jars are commonly used for storing food. Thanks to this budget-friendly option, you can preserve food leftovers and save them for later. These jars are also adequate for storing different kinds of dry cookies. In order to keep your homemade cookies fresh for as long as possible, you need to use the right storage container, which is where jars save the day. You can also use them to store salt and sugar, flour, seeds, spices, dried fruit, vegetables, herbs, and many other products. These little glass click tops are perfect for serving dip, pickles or salsa when barbecue season comes around. You can also use them for serving different oatmeal puddings with fruit and marmalade for breakfast when going on a morning picnic.


You can create different decorations with Kilner glass jars, it all depends on your creativity and imagination. One great idea is setting up a romantic mood and making your own light fixture with the help of lights and Kilner jars. Just drill a hole through the lid of a Kilner, add fairy lights into the jar and screw the jar around the bulb. This process can be used to create an elegant table lighting fixture with either one or more lamps. Besides in your home, you can also use this idea to make creative lighting fixtures for any kind of celebration, be it garden weddings or outdoor parties.

Kilner glass jars can be also easily transformed into candle holders to create a cozy and romantic ambience. For this purpose, you can either use tea light candles or larger candles. Terrariums are another trendy decoration that can make a great gift and can perfectly bring a touch of the outdoors into your home. Big push top jars are the most adequate for this which can act as mini-greenhouses inside your home during winter. You can decorate the jar with small stones, sand and ribbons.

Keep It Practical

Today, Kilner goodies are frequently used as storage jars around the home, redecorated with handmade designs. They can be used as either small organisers or decorative pieces. You can put all those little odds and sods without a home into a mini jar. Or, just fill it with water, put fresh flowers in it and use it as a vase. Kilner glass jars can also be used as makeup brushes’ holders on the mirror desk in your bedroom, or as pencils’ holders in your kids’ bedrooms.

Treat Yourself

A jar full of chocolate treats is one of the main associations of the holiday season. Make Kilner glass jars the home to all those uniquely decorated sweets and candies that lay around your home to keep them fresh for longer and use them as a nice decoration. Besides applying this at home, it is also a great gift idea. Make cookies for Christmas, put them in a fancy decorated Kilner jar and you have the perfect gift for a loved one. You don’t necessarily have to wait for holidays to use your Kilner products to store cookies and candies – give your senses a treat every single day of the year and enjoy gazing at your unique designs.

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