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Improve Your Home & Increase Its Value Through the Laundry Room


Improve Your Home & Increase Its Value Through the Laundry Room

Ah, the smell of freshly done laundry. Soothing, calming, relaxing, warm… Wait, what’s that other smell? Oh, right, it’s that carbonara you’re having for lunch. Or maybe it’s the smell of mold?

If your kitchen and laundry still share a room, or if you do have a separate laundry room, but it’s just a place you think of as chore-central and quickly forget about once you close the door – we have some news for you! Having a well-built, nicely styled laundry room in the home can help you stop seeing doing laundry as a pain, and instead think of it as a relaxing activity that can help you destress. Furthermore, it can help make life much easier and even add substantial value to your home.

When it comes to renovations to increase property value, many homeowners often undertake major projects to improve the home’s curb appeal. However, adding drama to the landscaping can only take you so far. There are much easier renovation projects you can do that will not only increase the functionality but add actual, lasting value to your real estate. And the laundry room is one such project.

It may seem complicated at first, but breaking the operation down into several parts can make things much easier. So, what does every laundry room need?

A Good Base

picture of well based modern laundry room with equipment


Having a nicely designed, quality base for your laundry room is imperative. Assuming you have quality plumbing in place, we’re talking floors, walls, and ventilation. These are the bones of your laundry room, setting the stage for all other additions. Choosing options that are moisture- and mould-resistant for both the walls and flooring will prevent any issues that might try to surface in a room that deals with water and steam so much. Vinyl paints, vinyl flooring and tiles are good options to consider.

The same goes for your ventilation system. Without it, the space will always feel hotter than the rest of the house, and staying for a prolonged period of time will not be pleasant at all. Not to mention, an unventilated laundry room can cause issues with surrounding walls and floors.

Once you have these elements nailed down, it’s time to go shopping for quality laundry equipment. And these are the fixtures that should be at the top of your list.

A Quality-Made Sink

picture of a loundry room with equipment and a quality sink


A sink should definitely find a place in your laundry room. Available in a variety of styles, sinks are the very basis of laundry equipment. There are debates on whether laundry room sinks are really necessary. But the answer is always yes. A sturdy, quality made laundry sink and an appropriate tap to go along can mean so much for the household and come in handy in a variety of situations.

First and foremost, it’s great for drainage. Your washing machine drains the dirty water into the sewage pipes. But washing clothes doesn’t leave just water behind. That water is often filled with fabric leftovers, hair, and other chunks that might end up blocking your pipes and causing serious (and costly) problems. By adding a hose from the washing machine to a utility sink fitted with a basket waste no different than the ones you find in kitchens, you can intercept those leftovers, trap them, and throw them out.

Next up, it’s great for cleaning a variety of things. Whether it’s clothing items that are gentle and need to be carefully hand-washed, a pet that needs a bath, or a bucket that needs filling (and emptying) to wash the floors or your car, a laundry sink unit is the best place to do it. We’re sure you don’t want to bring any of this unsanitary business where you wash your tableware or your teeth, and laundry room sinks are actually designed for these purposes. Usually deeper and wider than regular kitchen or bathroom sinks, they provide the space and convenience you need to get these jobs done.

Lastly, it’s useful for anything else that’s bound to get everything dirty while cleaned. Paint brushes, hands soiled from messy hobbies, items you use in the garage, pre-soaking clothes and rags, the list can go on forever. Instead of doing these things in the kitchen or in your nice, ceramic bathroom sink and having to clean up afterwards, the laundry room sink will take it all without a peep. It’s what it’s there for, after all!

The secret to why these sinks can do so much is in the materials used when making them. A good, stainless steel laundry sink will withstand the test of time and usage, making it a crucial laundry room investment.

Durable Countertops

picture of laundry room with it's full equipment and a durable countertops


No sink can stand all on its own, though. To support it, and for some much-needed space for folding, storing your washing powder, bleach, fabric softener, and all other cleaning supplies, you’ll need some good, durable countertops.

Keeping moisture in mind again, water-resistant, long-lasting materials such as stone tops or specially treated wooden tops are your best bet. They can be installed on your cabinets. Giving your laundry room a touch of style and improving its functionality, the surfaces you choose should also be easy to clean and sanitise. A lot can go down in a laundry room!

Available in a variety of styles, they can be chosen to match the walls and flooring, or used to create an interesting contrast between them. It’s all about your preferences and what you’d like your laundry room to look like.

Spacious Cabinets

picture of a laundry room with full equipment and spacious cabinets


Great for storing all kinds of things, cabinets are a piece of laundry equipment you simply must have. It always seems that, no matter how much storage space we have around the house, it’s still not enough, so laundry room cabinets can be really helpful.

Besides being useful for your laundry, they can also hold other items you can’t find room for in the house. Instead of packing the bathrooms with cleaning supplies, you can keep all of them in your laundry cabinets. Things such as mops, buckets, brooms, basins, and other cleaning tools can also be stored in here.

If you don’t want your laundry basket to be visible from the outside, keep it behind closed doors. Same goes for your ironing board and iron. This way you can maintain the sleek, clean look of your laundry room, while still having everything you need stored inside.

When we’re on the subject of laundry baskets, don’t forget to get a quality-made laundry basket of an appropriate size. Decide between a plastic, woven, or a wicker basket. Make sure it has ventilation holes throughout so your laundry doesn’t get musty while waiting for the next washing cycle.

Reliable Appliances

picture of washer and dryer in a laundry room


A laundry room wouldn’t be a laundry room without a washer and a dryer. They are the last step toward the perfect, fully-equipped laundry room. Depending on your needs, there are washers and dryers that can support different-size loads in one cycle.

Look around the online and local appliance stores before you make a decision on these two laundry room staples, as their performance can make or break your experience. Pay attention to the cycle options they have, how much energy they spend, their durability, and if spare parts or repairmen for them can be easily found if something does go wrong.

Word of mouth is still the best way to tell if something is good or not, so talk to your friends and go over reviews before you make a decision. Quality appliances will round up your laundry room, putting the finishing touches on a new, highly functional, and practical space in your home.

Final Thoughts


We hope this list will help you on your journey to an improved laundry room. Worth investing in because of the value it will add to your home and the way it will simplify and improve your life, a good laundry room is definitely an asset in many ways.

Keep in mind that quality stands above everything else and make informed decisions before implementing. There are a lot of resources that can help you out along the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out to companies for quotes and advice. We wish you all the luck (and fun!) with your new project!

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