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Essential Items Ballerinas Need for Their Dancing Routine


Essential Items Ballerinas Need for Their Dancing Routine

he world of a dancing is not easy at all. Although a great number of dancers have a natural talent and love for ballet, dancing requires a lot of rehearsals in order to help each and every ballerina shine in her own way and do an impeccable performance. The pre-class warm-ups, participation in classes, catching up on classes when on a break and rehearsing for some show can be quite demanding, which is why every ballerina should have a dancing bag full of her own essentials.

suit garment carrier

The first and in fact the most essential thing a ballerina must have always ready is her garments which logically should go into a specialized suit garment carrier. A suit garment carrier can help dancers keep their costumes untouched and always in a tip-top condition which is of vital importance especially when performing out of town. These types of bags are available in different sizes and materials, and some of them even have extra pockets for storing smaller accessories and shoes. For those who want something smaller for their tutu dress, there is an option to invest in some of the many cute tutu bags. They have a round shape and usually consist of elastic stays with a centre clip in order to keep tutus in place. Depending on the type of tutu bag you choose, some of them can hold up to five tutus stacked.

Except for this specially designed garment bag, you can also invest in another type of dance bag which is ideal for storing some ballerina personal care items and some snacks. Ballerinas are known for their beauty, purity and elegance, which means that they take really good care of their appearance which is why carrying some personal care items is a must. That being said, things like body spray, deodorant, breath mints, bobby pins, hair spray, hair net, small towel, nail clippers and minimal makeup kit like powder, lip gloss/lipstick and a lip balm can really improve their confidence, so it is no wonder these things are among the top must-haves.

On the other hand, dancers need to fuel their bodies in order to be able to perform and withstand the pressure on long rehearsals or performing events, and that is why each dancer should have enough supply of water and some easy food. Bananas, granola, pretzels, energy bars, and several bottles of water are just what a ballerina needs to maintain her stamina for when she needs it the most.

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