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Gear That No Camper Should Leave Home Without


Gear That No Camper Should Leave Home Without

Some people still think of camping as this monumentally hard task that should only be undertaken by those that want to escape from everyday conveniences and truly test their skills and abilities to survive in the wild with nothing but your wits. In truth, most camping is done by average Joes that just want to go spend some time in nature and get some fresh air in their lungs. As for the whole try and go without everyday conveniences aspect, it is true to a certain point, though not because they want to test themselves, but rather because they can’t carry them. Think about how many different appliances and devices you use in your home to get anything done, do you think you could carry all of them on your back for miles on end? Thankfully though, there is a workaround for people that want to go an a weekend in the great outdoors, but would still like to take some of the most common tools to help them.

For example, when considering what to take on a hike, a stove usually comes to mind since you are likely to need a way to make some coffee or boil some water. While the words hike stove don’t really seem to go together and many of you are probably just imagining lugging a home furnace that runs on logs on your back up a mountain, I am referring to the smaller, propane hike stove variety that won’t break your back by just trying to lift it. These handy little items are also known as portable burners and are a must-have for any camping or hiking trip, if you expect to make your morning coffee.

Hike Stove

The multi-tool is another great item that every experienced camper always brings with them and every rookie camper should consider taking regardless of where they are going. The many different tools that are rolled into one very small, yet incredibly useful container make it the easiest way to be able to do everything from cutting branches to cutting your fingernails without having to carry around a kitchen drawer’s worth of utensils.

And the final item that might prove the most useful for you if you take it on your trip would probably have to be a common lighter. While this isn’t a specialized piece of equipment, but rather a common item that you can get at any store for a few cents, that doesn’t diminish its importance when you are on a mountain where it is the only source of fire and there isn’t exactly a store where you can buy another one around the corner.

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