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Give Your Space a Dramatic Boost – Tips on Decorating with Accent Chairs

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Give Your Space a Dramatic Boost – Tips on Decorating with Accent Chairs

After you have covered all the basics of furnishing and decorating your living room, there is one last step left – adding that final touch! Your best bet at achieving that homey well-put-together look and ambience is by adding a statement piece of furniture such as an accent chair. If you’re looking for a way to add personality, a splash of colour, and extra seating to your living room, this is your go-to piece of furniture. Luxury accent chairs are pretty much like shoes – they come in hundreds of styles and you can never have too many of them. But how do you know which accent chair is right for you? Here are a couple of important considerations to keep in mind.

luxury accent chair

Know the Different Types of Chairs

If you’re familiar with vintage and classical home décor then you have probably seen a wingback chair. And when someone mentions luxury accent chairs, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably this piece of furniture. The wingback chair got its name from its unusual form – its wings on the backrest. It is usually bulky and its backrest is high. This chair was intended to be used in front of a fireplace. Ideally, the back or the sides of the chair should face the fire, and the purpose of the wings is to shield the person sitting in it from the heat of the fire.

Another type of accent chair in modern or classical style is the slipper chair. It is a chair with no armrests, so it isn’t as bulky and big as the wingback chair. Then there is the tub chair (also called barrel chair), where the armrest and the backrest form a continued semicircle and the backrest is usually not too high.

Lastly, you can find rocking chairs and swivel chairs. The former were originally used in gardens and the latter are for office use.

What Size Should the Chair Be?

Make sure your accent chair is proportional to the rest of the room. So, if your room is spacious, then we can only assume that the furniture is of a bigger size too. A three-seater sofa can be matched with a bulkier chair, such as the wingback model. If, however, your living room isn’t really spacious, then you should opt for smaller -sized furniture so that your room doesn’t seem overcrowded even more. A smaller sofa would go well with a slipper chair or a tub chair, as both of them are smaller in size. Before purchasing, always measure the area where you intend to place your new piece of furniture so that you determine whether it will fit.

blue designer accent chair

Monochromatic or Patterned?

Most luxury accent chairs are either monochromatic or plain with a maximum of three different colours. The typical accent chair has wooden legs and plain coloured upholstery, while most modern accent chairs feature metal chair legs which gives them a more contemporary look.

Either way, the important thing is that the colour of the accent chair matches or complements the colours of the rest of the room. So, if you have a black sofa you can match it with a black designer accent chair. The sofa and the accent don’t have to have the same upholstery hue, however, if you aren’t sure which tones go well together then this is your best bet.

You also need to consider the different patterns and colours in your room. If your sofa is colourful and patterned, then you should tone it down with a plain-looking chair. On the other hand, if most of your furniture is solid coloured then you can experiment with eye-catching designer accent chairs. It is also important to consider whether the style and design of the chair will stand the test of time. Some patterns and colours may look interesting at first, but as time goes by you may get bored from looking at them or realize they have gone out of style. This is why it is important to choose a colour that doesn’t stand out too much, such as black, grey, white, beige, emerald green, navy etc. Sure, a fuchsia modern accent chair is interesting to look at and will add drama to your room, but will you be able to keep it if you are redecorating? For those of us that can’t buy furniture on a whim, sticking with classical luxury accent chairs is the safest choice.

Be Consistent with the Style

Imagine a vintage looking living room with classical and antique furniture and then smack dab in the middle of the room a contemporary swivel chair? It will look out of place and it won’t match anything even if its colours match the rest of the room’s design. But that’s the thing about matching furniture, it is not all about the colours and patterns. Your accent chair shouldn’t stand out in a bad way, which is why you need to be consistent with the style you incorporate in a room.

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