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Don’t Miss the Boat on How to Properly Wear Boat Shoes


Don’t Miss the Boat on How to Properly Wear Boat Shoes

Being an easy swap for sneakers, boat shoes have claimed their rightful place in the world of men’s fashion. And if there are some men still hesitant whether this is a type of shoe that should be a part of their arsenal, the most common reason for this is not being certain when to wear them and how to pair them, both of which questions you can find answers for down below.

Weather-wise, boat shoes male models are all made to suit warm weather. The leather which they are usually made of is rather thin and soft. This is why lightweight pants or shorts look so good paired with them. Since boat shoes don’t provide a complete cover of the foot and some parts are exposed, no matter how little, this makes them unsuitable for the colder months. Also, in cold weather, we usually wear long pants made of thicker material and these aren’t a great match with boat shoes.

Boat Trainers

One of the best things about boat shoes is how they can complete a casual look, especially if you are wearing some of your nicer casual clothes. Boat shoes male models can take the class level of your whole outfit up a notch, especially when wearing a polo or button-down shirt. For the bottom, you can go with jeans, khakis or shorts. Even a blazer can enter the equation, but only if you don’t go too classy with the rest of the outfit. Note: If the occasion calls for a tie, you have to wave boat shoes bye bye. Smart casual is the final frontier these shoes can conquer.

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Next, you need to make sure you’re wearing these shoes with the right style bottoms. The more tailored the shorts, the better the match is a great rule of thumb to follow and if you’re combining them with jeans, make sure they are straight leg ones. When it comes to colour, your boat shoes shouldn’t echo the colour of your pants – you have to create contrast. Darker boat shoes and lighter pants is the best match. The opposite doesn’t look as good and wearing pants and moccasins of same colour is a fashion no-no.

Finally, remember that boat shoes have a breaking in period which can last one week or even a whole month in some cases. This is why you need to wear them on short errands or just around the house at first.

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