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Want Outfits with Wild Flair? Try Western Wear!


Want Outfits with Wild Flair? Try Western Wear!

Oh, the Wild Wild West and its appeal. We have Western films to thank for spreading the image of the rough cowboy life that still seemed charming, but you don’t have to be an extra in one of them to be able to rock Western wear.

Though the charm of the film genre seems to have lost its spark, at least when compared to how it was decades ago, it’s not the case with the clothing – in fact, Western flair is everywhere, including the catwalk. Even in 2019 you can still dress up like a cowboy or cowgirl without feeling like you’re turning heads for the wrong reason.

All it takes is incorporating piece by piece, for instance one of the many stylish western shirts, be it simple or embroidered, with or without pockets, that you can easily combine with jeans or denim skirt, to be able to pull off the look in the best way. Next up, the boots.

Love them or hate them, cowboy boots are as popular as they’ve ever been, and what’s great about them is they can spice your outfits with a bit of rugged flair. Same as with the western shirts they are a fashion staple and can be the very piece that defines your looks as strictly Western, even if they’re the only country element you incorporate.

Also, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix things up with suede pieces. It can be in the form of outerwear, such as jacket, or skirt, especially if they are decorated with the typical Western element: the fringe. If you want to spice it up, there’s always the chicness and comfort of poncho you can count on.

Since it’s all-things leather (or faux leather if you will) that work with this style, you can accessorise your look with a leather bag, and of course, the must-have big buckle belt. Speaking of accessories, it doesn’t matter if it’s emphasising the beauty of your shirt, or just adding that missing touch for the look to feel complete in the Western sense, you simply have to consider using bolo tie necklaces.

Don’t worry, if you’re up for a more casual look, there’s the bandana choice too, a la John Wayne. For women who simply think boots and denim add a rather masculine tone to their outfits, there’s the option to go for something as feminine as the embroidered bohemian dresses. Don’t forget to finish off the look with a country hat!

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