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Kids Snow Footwear: Keep Your Little One Warm and Cozy on Your Snow Adventures


Kids Snow Footwear: Keep Your Little One Warm and Cozy on Your Snow Adventures

Winter is an amazing period that offers plenty of options when it comes to outdoor adventures. Even if there are no snow days where you live, Australia is abundant in areas with different climates and weather conditions, so you can easily visit one where you can enjoy the snow and low temperatures. You might think this will be more complicated now that you’re a parent, but it’s not impossible. All you need to do is ensure your little one has the right pieces of clothing and kids snow footwear and you’re all set.

In today’s blog post I’ll talk about exactly about that – kids snow footwear and the important features to look for to ensure your small bundle of joy’s feet stay warm and toasty when adventuring on the white slopes.


Easy on and off

When browsing the online market for kids snow footwear, it is important to look for a pair that can be easily put on and off. There is nothing more frustrating for both you and your kid when you need to shove this small foot into a narrow opening of a closed boot. Moreover, buying boots that can be easily put on can help develop your kid’s budding dressing skills. Many parents think that boots with a zipper are the best option when it comes to easy dressing, but keep in mind that they also can easily catch the leg of the snowsuit if you’re not careful. My advice is to choose boots with a wide opening that close with a strap or flap made of Velcro.


The entire outside part of the boot should stand up to wet melting snow and cold, so make sure you look for waterproof kids snow footwear to get the most out of your purchase. Also, there is a difference between water-resistant and waterproof. Water-resistant boots will keep kids’ feet dry in a light snowfall, but for skiing, heavy snowfall or walking through uncleaned sidewalk they will need a waterproof model. To ensure this, look for an inner liner that will not allow water to get in through the boot closures and boots with tight seams.



The most important reason why you are buying a quality snow boot for your little one is to keep his feet comfortable, warm and dry. When we say dry there are two different aspects. One is to not allow the water to enter the boots, which means to be waterproof, and the second one is to be breathable and keep sweaty feet at bay. While you do not want moisture to enter in, you also want it to get out. Otherwise, damp, sweaty feet will be difficult to keep warm and there are great chances that the boots will become smelly with time.

Non-slip sole

Safety should always be the number one priority, especially when it comes to kids. So it is important to look for boots that feature non-slip soles. Clumpy, heavy boots may not be the most stylish ones but they are just what you need for snowy days. Look for boots with a solid, heavy sole if you want to keep your child moving freely without slipping and falling. These boots also work great even on icy surfaces.

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