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Laminate for a Flooring That’s Never Boring

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Laminate for a Flooring That’s Never Boring

The flooring is the foundation which carries your home’s interior design, therefore, you need to pay much attention to it if you aim to bring your interior decor to a higher level. There are many options as far as flooring goes and choosing the right one for your home requires much consideration. If you are much of a trend follower, you’d notice the spiking popularity of laminate flooring. And truth be told, there is more than one reason for this trend arising and surpassing all the other choices available on the market. Let’s see what I’m talking about.

An Inexpensive Alternative to Wood

Laminate is designed to resemble wood as closely as possible. The technology that designs them is so advanced that some laminate brands like Pergo are almost indistinguishable from real wood. If you’re a fan of rustic design, this is a great option because you can simulate a worn out look with cracks and scratches while still having a floor in perfectly mint condition. Not to mention that the cost of installing laminate is much lower than installing hardwood. If you have a large space to cover, this implies saving a lot of money. Moreover, using laminate floors is also environment-friendly as it helps preserve the trees.

Pergo Laminate Flooring 2

Has a Variety of Looks

When laminate initially appeared on the market in the early eighties, it looked cheap and people could tell it was fake. But throughout the years it has obtained a more delightful visual appeal. Today quality manufacturers like Pergo use incredible printing technologies that can not only imitate wood but can also make it look like more complex materials such as ceramic tiles or slate. Moreover, laminate now comes in many different colours which makes it an attractive flooring option for children’s bedrooms or any room that demands a more lively design.

Extremely Durable

Usually any imitation product is instantly deemed as being flimsy and with a short life span. But in certain conditions laminate can prove to be the more durable option than any other flooring. Under normal conditions hardwood can be very long-lasting, but when in humid areas it can draw in the moisture and warp. On the other hand, laminate can make a much better solution for such areas like kitchens and laundry rooms. Natural stone and ceramic tiles can change colour over time and crack from constant pressure, but the laminate’s wear layer is designed to be extra strong and resistant to scratches. From dog paws to high heals, a laminate floor will withstand any kind of impact and will serve you for many years.

Easy to Install and Take Care Of

Installing laminate is quick business. A room can be entirely covered in only a day. Laminate is put together like a puzzle and doesn’t need to be nailed, glued or stapled. As far as cleaning goes, there’s nothing that tops laminate! When tightly installed, laminate leaves no room for cracks to be filled with dust and other debris. Moreover, it doesn’t require any special treatment like waxing or polishing, just a few swift wipes with a damp cloth or mop and it will shine bright like you installed it just yesterday.

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