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Letterbox Distribution: Let Them Know Who You Are


Letterbox Distribution: Let Them Know Who You Are

Every organization, no matter how small or large, has a story to tell. Retail companies and major grocery stores wish to inform their customers about their current range of products, the soon-to-arrive ones, and their special offers; commercial banks and other financial institutions want to introduce their products and services to the public and thus increase the number of their clients; local authorities and charities want to let people know what kind of projects they have been working on lately and what has been accomplished. Yes, every organization wants and needs to reach certain people, which is exactly why they use many proven marketing techniques, one of which is letterbox distribution.

Despite what some people think, letterbox distribution is still a very popular and effective way of delivering a message, but solely if it’s managed by a reputable company. If you want to be absolutely sure your message is delivered to your existing and potential customers, I strongly advise you to avoid hiring independent walkers because they most likely won’t get the job done right. One of the greatest advantages of using UMS (unaddressed mail services) from a well-established company is the possibility to get your flyers and leaflets delivered with letters rather than with dozens of other flyers.


Nowadays, a large number of business owners and managers use UMS as a means to advertise their products and services as well as their activities. Since the Internet provides many free platforms for promoting all kinds of companies, this may surprise some of you. After all, UMS cost money.

Yes, it’s true – flyer or leaflet distribution is not a free service, but it’s worth every dollar. Let me tell you why is that so. First of all, if your promotional materials are delivered with letters and bills, they will without a doubt find their way inside your customers’ homes. This means that your flyers will be picked up and read sooner rather than later, which, I believe, is precisely what you want.

Furthermore, UMS can be configured to your exact specifications. This, of course, means that you will be able to target certain areas of your town or country. This is a wonderful opportunity to reach certain categories of people and attract new customers. Speaking of attracting people’s attention, you should know that the flyers must be tastefully designed. If you’re not confident of your skills as a leaflet designer and writer, you can always hire professionals to do this job for you.

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