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Queen Bed Cover Guards the Mattress Against Dust Mites, Stains, Wear and Tear


Queen Bed Cover Guards the Mattress Against Dust Mites, Stains, Wear and Tear

You just bought yourself a new queen sized mattress and simply cannot wait to enjoy your first night of getting the quality sleep you so longed for. The most important part of buying a new mattress is buying the right one for your bed construction and of course, the right one for your sleeping preferences. But there is another thing to consider – you have to protect it so it serves its purpose well for many years to come. Buying a queen bed cover is a great idea for many reasons. This simple piece of fabric will keep your mattress protected against stains, dust mites as well as bed bugs while providing you with extra padding and support.

To make the right choice of bed cover you need to determine your specific needs. Some covers offer protection from dust mites or bed bugs, while others are a better choice for spills and fluids. Mattress protectors are widely available – you can buy them in a local department store, bedding store, home improvement shop, or you can simply buy a queen bed cover online.

What is bed cover guard? It is a type of bedding which is removable and offers an extra layer that works like protection between the mattress and the fitted sheet. These pieces are made from different materials and different levels of thickness. Nevertheless, each of the different materials has its pros and cons.

  • Cotton covers are the most popular choice. They are hypoallergenic and the best part is that you can find them in an organic version. Cotton covers are great guards against allergens and dust mites.
  • Polyester protectors are a less expensive option. They can be a blend of fabrics, or can have a polyester shell with polyester fiber fill. A polyester-polypropylene mix with vinyl offers great protection against spills.
  • Down cover guards are very thick and quite soft. Besides protecting the mattress, these provide extra comfort. However, if you have problems with allergies, do not consider this type of cover since it’s a common allergen.
  • Vinyl protectors are great for those who have moisture problems, like bed-wetting kids or pets. They offer an extreme protection against moisture and are highly durable. Moreover, these help prevent mildew and mold as well.

There are three main types of mattress covers available: fitted (which is much like a fitted sheet), an elastic strap (with elastic straps that fit over the corners of the matters) and zippered (a model that completely encloses the mattress).

Some people do not consider bed protectors as a necessary piece. However, mattress cover guards are very functional and there are many reasons why you need to consider purchasing one for your bed. For example, a quality queen bed cover will prevent stains, keep the mattress dry and clean, offer protection against dust mites and bed bugs, provide extra support and comfort, and most importantly – it will increase the lifespan of the mattress. There are few special types of mattress guards that are designed for specific purposes.

  • Bed bug protectors are zippered and keep bed bugs from going deep to the fabric of the mattress. These types of covers are usually made of synthetic materials like polypropylene or polyester so the bugs can not penetrate inside the mattress. Buying a bed bug protector is a less expensive option than buying a new mattress.
  • Dust mite protectors are the ideal choice if you suffer from some medical condition.
  • Waterproof protectors are great against bed wetting, pets, body fluids, and perspiration. They are useful for families with small children since they block moisture from reaching the mattress. This model of covers is usually made from vinyl so it can be easily cleaned from various fluids and spills.

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