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Round Dining Table: More Intimacy and Convenience

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Round Dining Table: More Intimacy and Convenience

Within every home, each room has its own appeal and functionality. So, the living room is for engagement, entertainment and unwinding. The bedroom provides almost the same, with a little bit more privacy. The kitchen is where the preparation of the meals the whole family enjoys takes place – and finally, this leads us to the dining room – the space where everyone gathers to share food and news. Naturally, no dining room can ever be considered complete without a dining table. For families that enjoy long conversations and closer, more intimate environments, a round dining table may be the best choice, at least when it comes to the shape. Let’s go through some of the benefits this option provides.

While а rectangular table may leave out some people out of the conversation, round dining tables almost never do. A huge problem with rectangular shaped tables is that because of space division, not all people present may engage in a conversation at the same time. On the other hand, while using a round modern dining table you will ensure a more intimate and cozier meal time, where everyone is truly present and involved. What makes this possible is the fact that while sitting at a round modern dining table everyone faces the centre, so it is easy to catch everyone’s attention and you will be able to quickly engage into a discussion or a simple talk with everyone seated around. If you are a feng shui enthusiast, it is good to know that according to these “decor rules for harmony” a round dining table is said to create positive energy and encourage a sense of unity between those seated. This sense is achieved due to the single curved edge – as opposed to hard angles that may separate those at the table.

If you have doubts whether a round dining table is compatible with your space, more often than not the answer to this dubious question is yes. A round table offers the same usable table space with less of a footprint compared to rectangular tables of the same size. When you take away the annoying corners you get more space, thus making the round table a more suitable fit for smaller dining room areas. An additional comfort perk that comes with round tables is that since everyone is positioned at a slight angle to those next to them, it is less crowded than when sitting shoulder to shoulder at a rectangular table.

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