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Screen Doors: Ensure the Safety of Your Home and Family

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Screen Doors: Ensure the Safety of Your Home and Family

When it comes to home security, for majority of people it comes down to locks. However, there are more layers when it comes to safety since every home has a weak point thieves can take advantage of. And more often than not, it’s the front door that’s the weakest link. According to law enforcement reports, the majority of all intruders break in through front doors made out of wood or PVC, which are relatively easy to break down with a firm kick. If you’d like to make your home safer, installing a security screen door is a great way to do so.

How Can a Screen Door Improve Your Home Security?

In many ways actually. Firstly, security screen doors are built with a strong and sturdy frame, often from steel or wrought iron, what makes them much more secure than traditional wooden or plastic door frames. The screen is often made from stainless steel mesh that can withstand attempts to puncture, pierce and even cut into it. In addition to making intrusion attempts more difficult, a steel frame and stainless steel screen also last far longer than standard frames.

Secondly, security screen doors come with heavy-duty keyed locks and a deadbolt for maximum protection. These elements are essential for achieving increased security as they help stop attempted break-in.

Thirdly, these doors are designed to close (by themselves) instantly when left open. This is a great security feature as it ensures that the entrance of your home is always shut, keeping the intruders away. This is great if you have children, meaning you won’t have to worry (about the safety of your home when you are not there) if they forget to close the door after leaving the house because the door will close automatically.

Fourthly, the steel material used for making these security screen doors is resistant to fire. Even if the steel material burns, it will happen very slowly, which can help prevent the fire from spreading quickly.

Other Benefits of Screen Doors

Aside from providing security to your home, screen doors also offer other benefits. Such is their ability to reduce energy bills. During hot months, security doors can be bolted while the main door is left open so a cool breeze can circulate through the house. In colder months, the extra layer will help insulate the doorway from the chilly wind.

Screen doors also allow increased light. Leaving the main door open while the security door closed can help get in more light. This can brighten up the look of the space, make it feels larger and even improve the mood of those in the home.

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