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Stylish LED Accent Lights to Add Visual Interest to Your Home

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Stylish LED Accent Lights to Add Visual Interest to Your Home

Lighting is one of the more important aspects of home decor when it comes to achieving a certain atmosphere. Direct, overhead lights are great for visibility and overall illumination, but what happens when you want to relax and subdue that glare? It’s not always optimal to have a single light source shining on the whole room.

In fact, having accent lights in place will greatly improve both the atmosphere and the look of your home, especially when you want to create a relaxing, soothing haven for yourself.

When it comes to the type of lighting that’s best to use to create mood, light-emitting diodes, or LED lights are an obvious choice. Better at casting light and much better at spending energy than our traditional bulbs, LEDs come in various shapes and sizes and can be easily incorporated into the home to get the most modern outcome lighting has to offer!

Here are a few ways you can cast new light on your house with LEDs!

wall led light for living room


LED Wall Sconces – Timeless Choice for Elegant Illumination

Perfect for those who’d like to keep it traditional, yet trendy and elegant, wall lights will give you that nice side illumination while keeping up with your interior. It’s best to buy LED wall sconces from specialised stores, as that way you can be sure of their quality and durability.

LED wall lighting can be used inside as well as outdoors. Oftentimes, LEDs are made waterproof just for this reason, so if you’re searching for something that will improve the ambience in your garden or yard, for example, you can easily and safely go with LED wall lights.

It’s important to note that LEDs usually come in the form of complete fixtures, as well as just regular bulbs. There are a lot of attractive-looking LED wall fixtures that will enrich your space and serve as a great decoration piece. The word ‘sconce’ itself says as much, hinting at those olden candle holders with elaborate brackets that were used way back when. What we have today are their modern counterparts.

Another great thing about LED wall lights is the fact you can easily find perfect positioning for them yourself, no need to involve an interior designer. In fact, we believe this is the best way, as you know your home best and know exactly what kind of light you need and where. The only professional you’ll need is an electrician to mount and connect them, but that’s it! You can have your nice, atmospheric lighting in no time!

LED wall lights usually come in either white, warm white, or yellow light, so you can take your pick. We’d recommend avoiding using the white lights inside the house as they can make everything seem cold and sterile and instead use ones emitting warm, yellow light. It will rest your eyes and depending on the type of light sconce you choose, it will be a simple thing that adds so much to your interior.

led wall sconces for living room


LED Strips for Gorgeous Highlighting

Another amazing way to add character to your home is by using LED strips. Led strips aren’t your ordinary lighting source. Basically a metal or plastic stripe embedded with a bunch of little LED bulbs, much like Christmas lights, a LED strip is perfect to use as an accent light source, especially when it’s metal.

LED strips are great for accenting purposes as they can be very thin and fit under fixtures and furniture, but still give off strong light in the colour of your choice. LED strips can come in either the usual colours or they can be multicoloured, with the option to switch through a wide palette through the use of a remote.

This is an excellent feature for children’s bedrooms, as LED strips don’t get hot as usual lights do, and they are not dangerous at all. At the same time, they’ll give the child’s room a magical appearance, offering them the choice to adjust the light to their mood.

For a more traditional use of LED strips, opt for a single-coloured light and put the strip under your bed to create a “floating bed” effect, behind your TV for an elegant look, or below hanging kitchen cabinets to add a little character to your cooking station!

led lights under bed


LED String Lights for a Romantic Mood

With string lights, you have a couple of choices as well, regarding the style. You can choose a string with multiple big bulbs or a string with little, tiny lights on it often referred to as fairy lights.

Big-bulbed string lights are perfect for turning the bedroom into a soothing sanctuary, but also for outdoor use. They can be an excellent addition to any garden, patio, or backyard, especially when hanged above the whole space, giving off an incredible “starry night” type of vibe.

String lights usually come in the standard colours, but it’s not unlikely to find them multicoloured as well. We’d recommend going for a yellow again, as that’s the choice that offers the most illumination, warmth, and atmospheric value. Adding string lights to your outdoor space will definitely enrich it and elevate the whole mood of the space.

As for fairy lights, there are many, many purposes and ways you can use them. An amazing decoration for bedrooms, they can be hanged on walls, fixed on mirrors or bedframes, taped to the ceiling, and so much more.

Another fun use for these lights is putting them in a clear jar or bottle, surrounding them with dry flowers, and placing them on a counter as a decorative piece. You’ll basically get a homemade lamp, but with a romantic, vintage twist to it.

As they’re LEDs, these lights also don’t get warm, so using them in different ensembles is easy and safe. Many times such lights don’t need to be plugged in, but work on batteries, which means they’re mobile and can be placed anywhere you’d like!

To Wrap Up

The best choice for both safety and efficiency, LED lights are definitely the lights of the future. No matter which of these options you’ll choose, we’re sure your home will instantly become warmer and more pleasant to be in.

Play around with models and placement, and don’t be afraid to mix and match, LEDs can definitely take it!

Remember to always work with an electrician when installing LED wall lights or LED strips. As for the LED string lights, you don’t need anyone but yourself and your imagination!

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