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Add a Breath of Design to Your Garden With Modern Planters

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Add a Breath of Design to Your Garden With Modern Planters

Add some greenery to your home with minimalist plant pots designed to emphasise the beauty of your plants. Our skilled craftsmen only use natural materials to create a comprehensive range of contemporary herb pots.

modern planters

Plants can change the entire look of your garden, room, or balcony. Besides beautifying your space, plants are an excellent way to purify the air inside your home. If you’re looking for unique, handmade, durable planters, you should know a few things about the materials. Some plants grow wonderfully in plastic pots, while others benefit most from ceramics and terra cotta. 

If you’re still trying to enhance your collection of modern planters, here are few things to consider before buying.

Pick the Suitable Material

When choosing pots for your plants, it’s important to pick the right material. This isn’t only for the aesthetic part. The material will affect the soil and the growth of your plant. For instance, terra cotta is a great material for indoor use and plants which prefer dry soil. Porous clay pots will absorb the water and will release the excess moisture from the soil faster. 

Plastic and glazed ceramic are great options for tropical plants that prefer moist soil. So, before you decide what plants you want to have in your home or backyard, make sure you learn a bit more about the planter’s materials.


Ceramic modern planters are made of finely textured, light-coloured clay which is glazed in the end. These pots are fired in an oven with a high temperature, which decreases the pot’s porousness and vulnerability to the elements. Keep in mind that if a ceramic pot is left out in the cold weather it can crack. These modern planters are very pretty, but they’re heavy (which is why they are a great option for outdoor plants). And while these pots are more expensive, you can find them in various colours, sizes and shapes.

ceramic modern planter


These planters look unique and lovely, especially after they have aged a bit. Concrete is a superb material for larger plants that need some extra balance and grounding. Choose concrete planters if you plan on keeping your plants outside. The heaviness of the material will endure strong winds, but it may be a downside if you want to move it.

concrete modern planter


These planters are ecologically and economically excellent choices. They are made of coconut husks and are quite sturdy. If you’re looking for a different look that not so expensive and comes in different shapes and colours, coir pots are the best option for you.

coir modern planter

Terra Cotta

terra cotta modern planter

This is a type of clay that is widely used for making pots and planters in different shapes and sizes. Terra cotta can be as small as 5cm and as large as you want it to be. Usually, these planters have a warm red-brown colour that will complement the natural aesthetics in your garden.

What’s the Best Size for Your Plants?

When choosing the right size, research how big your plant will grow and how much space will its roots need. When trying to transfer the plant from a smaller to a larger pot, do it slowly. Start with a pot that is about 5cm larger than the previous one to help your plant adjust to its new environment.

Drainage System

Proper drainage is crucial for keeping your plant healthy and alive. Some plants want to have their roots dry and poor drainage can easily disrupt this and lead to rotten roots. Sure, some pots look amazing, but if they lack drainage holes, you’ll either have to drill them yourself or you should choose a different pot. Some materials, like plastic, can easily allow you to drill the drainage holes, but if you have a ceramic pot with no drainage holes, you risk breaking the pot if you try to drill them yourself.

Advantages of Handmade Pots

Unique Looking

woman making modern pottery

If you aren’t fond of the generic look of pots you can find in every other store, then you will surely value the unique look of handmade pots. Maybe you can even order custom made planters that will fit the colour palette in your home or the design of your balcony and backyard.

Concrete pots or pots made of coir will last for years to come and can be passed down generations.  

Natural Materials

Natural materials allow water and air to move through the sides of the pot. Air movement is important for root growth which will result in a healthy plant. Natural materials are an excellent choice if you are trying to do something about the planet. Also, the plant will grow much better in natural materials (ceramic for instance is great for dry soil, while wooden planters are great for plants that love moist soil).

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