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Self Watering Pots For the Lazy


Self Watering Pots For the Lazy

Recently I discovered a revolutionary product for all of us plant lovers who are way too busy or way too lazy to look after our beloved flowers. My plants were so poor and desperate, they were literally begging me to water them whenever I came home from work. But of course there was always something else to do, like cleaning the leftovers from last night’s dinner, giving food to my golden fish or watching the newest episode of my favourite TV show. So even though I love my flowers and the life and colour they bring into my bright, colourless home, I always seem to forget to water them. When I came home from a two month trip throughout Europe and witnessed the death of my favourite pink petunias, I decorated my house with sticky notes in all colours and shapes where it said: “Water the plants, or else…” I don’t know what was I supposed to write after the “or else”, so I just thought I would leave it to my imagination.

Self Watering Pot

A month after I got back from Europe, I was treating my flowers in the best way possible. To my surprise I never forgot to water them, although to be sincere, that was mainly because of the many sticky notes all over my home. I was very proud of myself for keeping my plants alive, but unfortunately that didn’t last long. The charm of my sticky notes and the power of those words started to wear off, some of them fell on the floor and I was too lazy or too forgetful to write some new ones and little by little my plants started drying up again.

Self Watering Pot 2

Yet again I was facing the problem of dying plants in my own home and I felt so miserable about it. I was envying my next door neighbour’s red roses and purple tulips and I thought to myself – how can I be so irresponsible? It’s just flowers! You give them water and they live, you don’t – they die. Well I guess it’s easier said than done, at least in my case. But to my relief, and to the relief of so many people around the globe with the same problem, our beloved scientists thought of a great way to keep our plants alive. I was so stunned to hear about the existence of the self watering pot, at first I thought people were actually joking about it. Thank God they weren’t.

Self Watering Pot 3

Trust me, this is the greatest invention in recent history. Forget about smart phones, smart TVs or virtual reality games, this is the real deal! Ever since I bought my own little self watering pot, I’m the happiest girl in Australia. My home has never looked prettier and the only thing I have to do is fill the pot with water and I’m free for the week. You have no idea how thankful my plants are for their new home, I can even feel them wishing me a good day at the office every morning before going to work (chuckles). Just when I thought I was going to be named the “serial killer of all flowers”, the self watering pot came into my life when I needed it the most. I even planted my favourite pink petunias again together with some white jasmines.

This is definitely the most useful item to have for the green thumb dummies, so don’t hesitate to look for it the next time you’re going shopping. From now on you can stop being lazy and still be a proud owner of a beautiful flower!

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