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Staying on the Road with Your Motorbike Is a Way of Life


Staying on the Road with Your Motorbike Is a Way of Life

I’ve always been surrounded by machinery since my dad is a great aficionado of everything related to technology, be it vehicles or electronics. You might as well say I practically grew up in his garage, just marveling at the way he fixed his truck, cars, motorbikes, watching what he did for hours and carefully remembering the tools he used. Of course, this sparked a passion in me and set the beginning of my long-term relationship with motorbikes.

It all started with our Saturday rides. Soon I felt like I was old enough to go on rides by myself so I ended up “borrowing” (as I saw it at the time) the motorbike for a ride or two (don’t do this at home, kids!). As you could guess, both my parents sneaked up on me eventually and that was the end of the secret rides. Now that I am my own boss, I frequently enjoy embarking on all the journeys I want.

There’s something about being on the road that makes it so exciting. Some describe it as having the feeling of flying, others as the way to escape quotidianity. For me it’s a bit of both, and also the chance to get to know myself more, learning how to be at one with myself and nature, especially when taking unfamiliar roads. It’s so much more than a pastime activity. It’s a way of life.

However, as much as it might be thrilling getting all that adrenaline rush, it could easily become dangerous if you don’t pay attention to the path or don’t do regular checks-ups, repairs and motorbike parts replacements. Going through such an experience as staying on the road without the proper motorbike parts and no sign of anyone in sight to help me out, has sure made me become more cautious (and with plenty of stories to tell my future grandkids).

Every biker has to know his/her bike (something I learned from my dad) and when repairs are needed. It’s kind of like knowing your pet isn’t feeling well. So you have to do some homework and learn more about all the different motorbike parts. For me, shopping parts is in the likes of women’s makeup and clothes shopping, buying things I require and things I’m sure I’d make use of at one time or another.

I prefer doing online shopping simply because it’s a faster way of looking up everything I require and comparing prices and quality, as well as having the order delivered home. The other fun stage is getting in the garage and forgetting the world around me, just checking and fixing all the bits and pieces. You needn’t fret if you aren’t exactly the person who likes undertaking a DIY repair project every time, that’s what professionals are here for. Know your bike, do all the check ups, stay on the road and you’d get plenty of inspiring stories to tell.

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