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The Best Birthday Presents for Gin Lovers in 2022


The Best Birthday Presents for Gin Lovers in 2022

People worldwide love drinking gin and its popularity continues to grow year after year. If you’re looking to find a great birthday gift idea for a beloved seasoned gin drinker, our cool gin gift ideas are sure to enhance the drinking experience of this flavorful spirit. Let’s dive in.

Bring Their Favorite Bottle of Gin

Usually, every gin lover has their favourite gin brand and type they love indulging in those special moments that need to be celebrated with class and swagger. So, when buying gin birthday presents, do a little digging. Ask your friend about their favourite gins weeks before the birthday party so they don’t suspect anything. Or, take a glance at their liquor cabinet to see which brands they have on the centre shelves. If you’re still struggling to find a great bottle of gin, go online and do some research. There are thousands of fresh and exciting gins to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find one your friend will love.

An Australian Gin-Tasting Pack

an Australian gin tasting packs

Regardless of where your gin-loving friend is on their gin journey, you can help them deepen their knowledge and experience the best of Australian craft gins with the help of a premium Australian gin-tasting pack. These goodies make great gin birthday presents as all gins come with gin recipes, tasting notes and serving suggestions to help you indulge in this beverage even more. You can find various specially selected Australian craft gins from across the country and experience a curated range of 50ml tasters in various many styles, such as London dry, floral, shiraz, and more. These gin-tasting packs are beautifully designed in a presentation box, making them the perfect gift to taste your way around Australia.

Gin Copa Glasses

gin copa glass with garnishes

If your beloved gin lover is looking to bring some elegance and class to their party or home cocktail bar, a set of gin Copa glasses would be the perfect present for them. This ‘balloon’ style glass is very popular among gin drinkers and it’s an excellent addition to any home bar or drinks cabinet. Gin Copa glasses are designed to enhance the botanicals and add more character to every type of gin poured into the glasses. They are perfect for gin tasting or simply for indulging in a crisp, fizzy glass of their favourite gin on a Friday evening after work.

Playful Gin and Tonic Glasses

Are you looking for the perfect gift with a home-crafted, handmade feel? Well, a nice set of playful and gin-inspired glassware can certainly surprise and bring a smile to any gin lover’s face. These amazing gin tonic glasses will easily show you how much gin and tonic you should add to the classic G&T recipe, in a fun, illustrative style. If your gin-loving friend has a soft spot for cute, crafty glass and homeware, this could be one of the most thoughtful gin birthday presents.


boxes of gin botanicals

A premium botanicals kit is an excellent way to enhance and elevate the flavour of your loved one’s favourite gins and gin cocktails. These kits are great birthday presents for gin lovers as each set comes with various different spices, juniper berries, and cardamom, among many other flavours. If your giftee is an avid gin taster who loves constantly trying new brands, this is an essential gin related purchase.

Flavoured Simple Syrup Set

Ideal for a wide range of spirits and liquors, a flavoured syrup set will enable your giftee to add sweetness, subtle notes, or some extra punch to their favourite gin drinks. These goodies are usually lightweight and gorgeously designed and can seamlessly infuse a wide range of drinks adding flavour, aroma and more texture to the mix. Flavoured syrup sets are great for gin gatherings or when your giftee wants to have a quiet drink by themselves.

Cocktail Enhancing Mists


Cocktail-enhancing mists are a great way to give your homemade gins the luxurious cocktail bar treatment. This is the ideal gift for your close gin lover as it’s one of the favourite magic tricks up many mixologists’ sleeves. Cocktail-enhancing mists level up the pouring and serving experience of gin for both you and your guests. What’s more, these unique cocktail mists are more than just great for show. Their delicious aromas and flavours can easily add an extra layer of texture and taste to each drink they are served with.

Gin Tea

If your beloved giftee is in love with the aroma and iconic, dry taste of gin, gin tea might be just the right birthday gift for them they’ll wonder how they lived without it for so long. Gin tea is actually a delightful blend of alluring botanicals and can be used in place of gin to create a delicious mocktail, or with water to create an aromatic tea that’s just perfect to start the day with.

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