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The Serenity of Tent Camping: Experience The Great Outdoors


The Serenity of Tent Camping: Experience The Great Outdoors

Whether you are living in a big city or in a small countryside town, nowadays, each one of us lives almost the same kind of life. We all have cell phones, TVs or other gadgets that make our everyday lives much easier. As we are evolving, we are urbanizing our planet by the second and getting off the grid is getting almost impossible. We have become passive and lazy, and a lot more dependant on technology in order to survive and meet our basic needs.

Most of the population, if left alone in nature, cannot possibly survive the day. Starting a campfire, getting food or even battling the fear of the outdoors can be the hardest thing to do. Thankfully, some people actually do it. Our ancestors had to live in the wild, but it is for us to choose if we want to continue the tradition and test our basic survival skills. And what better way to do that if not by camping out in the great outdoors?

Camping not only offers you a way to get in touch with your inner survival instincts, but it also means bonding with nature’s beauty and even with your friends or family who you should definitely bring along! Camping is also good for your overall health and well-being, thanks to the fresh air and the challenging activities you will have to do.

camping tents

The Different Kinds of Camping

Now, we all have different ideas of what an ideal camping trip should look like. Some may think that driving around in an RV and parking it on a hill for the night is the best and safest way to experience nature, while others prefer to just get all their essentials inside a backpack and go out on an exciting hiking journey.

This means there is more than just one type of camping, and what gear you’d need depends on which one you personally would choose. So, let’s quickly go through the different kinds of camping out there:

  • Tent Camping – camping in a tent anywhere out in nature or on a campground.
  • Backpacking – carrying all your gear and equipment in a backpack and spending the night wherever you’d like.
  • RV or Van Camping – getting close to nature with a “house on wheels”.
  • Glamping (Glamorous camping) – this may include a luxurious large tent with a bed, or a regular cabin or villa.
  • Survival Camping – the most extreme form of camping where you don’t bring anything but your survival skills.
  • Bicycle Camping – carrying all your essentials on the back of your bike which is a great way to get more active.
  • Kayak / Canoe Camping – using a small canoe or kayak boat to travel and go further into the wilderness.
  • Backyard Camping – means having your camping adventure right in your backyard, but no going inside the house!
  • Hammock Camping – going anywhere you want while using a hammock as a place to rest.
  • History Camping – also known as Reenactment Camping, is pretending to be in a certain time in history and proceeding to survive the same way people back in ancient times did.

Now, the truth is that you can decide how and where you would like to go and get in touch with nature. This means the types of camping list can go on and on, like car camping, winter camping, motorbike camping etc. All of these varieties are excellent choices, but it is unarguable that the tent camping way is the best way to experience the beauty of nature. Let’s see why and how you should do it!

Tent Camping: Essential Equipment

Tent camping means bringing along a multi-functioning tent and other tools to your camping trip. You just have to pick the right spot where you will set up your tent and you’ll be good to go! This way you can enjoy the outdoors while still having your own little safe place. Now, let’s go a bit into detail about all the equipment you will be needing.

The Tent

The most important item for your tent camping trip is obviously – the tent. Now, there are numerous types of tents out there. Depending on the season and the area where you will be camping at, deciding on the right tent is a crucial thing to ensure you’ll have a good adventure.

ground sheets

Tent Size

First of all, making sure you pick the right tent size is very important. Having a small tent will make you feel stuffy and make you hotter during the summer season, especially if you will be sharing it. But, having a huge tent will take up more time to set up and it will be harder to find a good spot for it, plus it will probably be extremely expensive. So, always go for a medium-sized but good-quality tent.

Tent Footprints

Another important piece of equipment that will make your camping trip go smoothly is the convenient and helpful tent footprint. But, what exactly is a tent footprint and why is it useful?

It’s a groundsheet that you put on the very spot where you plan to set up your tent. It acts as a barrier that will protect your tent floor from getting punctured by uneven ground and from abrasions from the rocks.

Another thing that the groundsheet does besides prolonging your tent’s life is adding extra warmth to your tent. This is done by raising your tent slightly from the ground, which reduces the amount of heat it loses.

Tent groundsheets also act as an extra protective layer against excessive amounts of rain. It’s just important that you place them correctly, making sure they don’t go out of the sides of your tent, which will only cause more flooding and damage.

So, clearly, investing in a tent footprint will do you a big favour by both making your tent a lot safer and more comfortable. The actual pricing of the footprint may vary because there are different sizes, materials and designs, but in this case, you shouldn’t let the price change your mind. Before getting one, it’s important to know how to properly set it up and to know how to pick it. You should always go for the ones which are made of better quality materials, such as nylon or polyester. They won’t let you down. Also, pay attention to the size. A footprint bigger than your tent will only bring you more trouble, so aim for a medium one and make sure it isn’t too small as well.

Tent Poles and Guy Lines

These are parts of the tent that make it stronger and more durable. Picking out the right strong poles and stretchy guy lines will make sure your tent stays in place and protects you from the outside.

Personal Items

A very important camping essential is clothing. If you are camping in summer time, then you should consider getting bright-coloured, breathable clothes. If you are winter camping, then it’s important that you bring multiple blankets, scarves, boots, warm shirts and pants, socks as well as a hat and hot-packs.

Other things to bring would be a flashlight, charcoal, a bottle opener, trash bags, sunscreen, disposable tableware, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and any kind of games.

camping essentials

Other Camping Essentials

Other than the first aid kit, it’s important to have camping multi-tools with you as well. This might include duck tape, some type of knife, binoculars, a different kind of flashlight.

Camping Safety Tips

As fun as camping is, it can also be a really dangerous activity if you are not well-equipped and experienced. That’s why we will be mentioning some of the most crucial safety tips to ensure your trip goes all well:

Bring The Proper Equipment

Having a quality tent, a tent footprint and camping multi-tools will make your journey a lot comfier and safer.

Check On The Weather

Making sure the weather won’t be terrible prior to your trip is a crucial safety step. Regardless if your tent will protect you from most weather conditions, never underestimate mother nature! Too much rain, snow or even high heat can be a potential safety threat for you and your companions.

Bringing The Right Amount Of Resources

Resources are very important if you are not planning on hunting your own source of nutrients. Bringing fresh water and delicious food for your camping trip will keep you happy and carefree!

First Aid Is a Must

Don’t even think about going out in the wild without your First Aid Kit. It’s essential if you have any kind of accident, and it’s also important that you know how to use it properly.

Keep An Eye On The Campfire

Something most campers don’t pay attention to is the fire. Going to sleep or napping while not checking on it beforehand can burn your camp set-up and even worse – start a wildfire! So, always keep it in check.

Summing It Up

Overall, it’s no secret that camping is one of the most fun and adventurous activities out there. If you’ve been feeling extremely tired by all the busy hours at work, or if you just need some time away from the online world, camping is the right choice for you. So, gather your family or friends, grab your essentials and get going! Don’t be afraid to become one with mother nature!

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