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The Whole Story on Basin Taps: How to Choose the Right Tapware

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The Whole Story on Basin Taps: How to Choose the Right Tapware

Basin taps are a crucial component of your bathroom design. They serve a practical purpose and have a significant aesthetic value. However, with hundreds of various designs available, selecting a suitable tap becomes overwhelming. There are so many variables to consider – the tapware design, the finish, the type of basin you have, your water pressure, etc. For this reason, I’ve put together a checklist that will help you easily locate the ideal tap.

Consider the Type of Fixture

basin mixer


People easily get preoccupied with the aesthetics of taps and forget to consider their practicality. While there are a few different types of basin taps, the stylish and practical basin mixers are a wise choice. The single lever on these taps lets you easily manoeuvre between hot and cold water. In comparison, twin lever taps are more difficult to operate. Mixers are also fancy and fit into any bathroom design. They come in a variety of designs, outlet lengths, swivel options, colour options, and temperature-control options.

How Many Tap Holes?

The next step is noting the number of tap holes on your sink. Most bathroom sinks are predrilled with 1, 2, or 3 tap holes. Most contemporary basins often have one tap hole that corresponds to a single basin mixer, while traditional-style basins often come with two holes. A basin with three faucet holes may accommodate additional waterspouts.

The Style

The style of mixer you get will influence the overall design of your bathroom. In certain situations, attractive basin mixers act as statement pieces. Simply replacing worn-out, outdated taps quickly breathes new life into your current bathroom suite. A bathroom with mismatched taps doesn’t look so appealing, so be sure your elements aesthetically complement one another.

For a contemporary bathroom, consider getting a basin tap in a neutral colour or chrome finish. Choose modern taps with clean, geometric style, minimalist designs, and straight lines that appear more cutting-edge. Modern features like touch-sensitive operation and waterfall spouts are also popular for basin taps.

On the other hand, for a traditional bathroom, consider a tap design that incorporates curves. Choose taps with traditional elements like crosshead handles and beautiful craftsmanship to evoke the spirit of the past. Traditional pillar taps on sinks and elegant bath shower mixers on bathtubs inspire a classic elegance that never seems out of style.

The Finish

different types od basin mixers


It’s time to discuss the different finishes of basin mixer taps. This is another crucial element that contributes to your bathroom’s design. Here are three popular types of finishes and their advantages:

  • Chrome: The great majority of bathroom taps on the market come in a chrome finish, which is the most popular choice of consumers. Chrome-plated taps have a bright, reflective surface that is simple to clean and gives off a sleek, contemporary look. They are also resistant to corrosion and scratches, which makes them last a long time in your bathroom.
  • Gold: These mixer basin taps are a great option for period-style bathroom designs. They’re a warmer version of chrome taps, and they give your bathroom space a sense of elegance and beauty.
  • Nickel: This is a different, more recent finish that is slowly gaining popularity. Many manufacturers use nickel to give their taps a high-end finish. A nickel finish has a beautiful light gunmetal appearance, strength, and longevity.

Should I Mix My Bathroom Finishes?

One of the biggest concerns that people have when renovating their bathroom is “Can I combine metal finishes, or do I have to stick to one?” The short answer is that there’s nothing wrong with mixing different finishes. However, when choosing different metals, there are some guidelines you should keep in mind.

For example, it won’t sit well if you pair gold towel rails and robe hooks with chrome tapware. Think about how well your chosen finishes complement one another, how they will blend in with the rest of your home’s decor, and which textures you should pick to go with the other materials in the space.

On the other hand, you will have a more unified appearance overall if your taps match the design of your bathroom. For this reason, many retailers of bathroom supplies offer complementary items that go well with each other. This makes it easier for you to design a stylish bathroom space.

What’s Your Water Pressure?

water flow - basin mixers


If you want a consistent water flow, you must select taps that are suitable for the water pressure in your home. A combination boiler system indicates medium to high pressure, whereas a gravity-fed system indicates moderate pressure. Most single-lever mixers, floor-standing faucets, and wall-mounted faucets generally require high water pressure to operate properly, although pillar faucets and taps with two handles do so with minimal pressure.

Installing a high-pressure faucet in a low-pressure system will result in a slow water flow. This faucet will take longer to fill a basin and even longer to fill a bath. However, a low-pressure tap will operate well with the high-pressure system. Always make sure the tap you want is compatible with your water system, otherwise you risk getting a low water flow that’s impractical for use.

I hope these few tips and tricks help you select the perfect tap for your bathroom. Check out the wide variety of mixers for sale online and take your pick!

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