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Weddings & Candlelight: How to Use Floating Candles as Romantic Centrepieces


Weddings & Candlelight: How to Use Floating Candles as Romantic Centrepieces

Romance and candlelight go hand in hand, so no wonder many brides-to-be want candles to accent their special day. After all, candles are timeless and classy, and let out a warm, flickering flame that puts you in a more intimate mood. While there are many ways you can use candles in your wedding decor, the most popular way is to turn them into centrepieces for your tables.

From candelabras to pillars, tapers, tea lights, or votives, there’s no end to the types of candles you can use to bring an extra dose of beauty to your wedding table setting. But, if you want your candles to truly stand out, use them in combination with water which helps magnify their romantic glow. However, not every candle can float or work well together with water. With that being said, if you truly want to mix fire and water together, make sure to shop for some lovely floating candles online or from a local wedding supply store.

These unique candles are lightweight enough so when they’re placed in water they manage to stay afloat. Votive, pillar or tea light candles couldn’t possibly pull off this magic trick. What’s more, these candles come in a multitude of colours and scents which can make them a beautiful sight that engages all senses.

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While a floating candle display certainly looks impressive, it’s not that hard to create. Because they are small, floating candles can be placed in almost every water container. You can choose between vases, bowls, dishes, Martini glasses and anything else that complements your wedding theme best. And besides the candles, you can use some additional decorative accents such as flowers or fruit on the display.

In fact, a very unique idea is to use tall, clear glass vases. You can grab a few items you want to include, like for instance flower petals, leaves, beads, or pearls and place them in the vase. Then, add some water in the vase, leaving just a centimetre off from the top. Now finally, place your candle of choice atop everything and take a moment to enjoy how the water magnifies the items inside while the light reflects from the glass creating a unique display.

When purchasing floating candles online or from a local store, make sure that you choose ones that are long-lasting. After all, you don’t want your romantic glow to burn out before your first dance. With that being said, try to look for candles that can offer an approximate burning time of 3 – 3.5 hours.

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