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Add Functionality and Grace to Your Space with Custom Blinds

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Add Functionality and Grace to Your Space with Custom Blinds

Whether we want to admit or not, when it comes to our living spaces, most of us become too comfortable and often let our homes slide of the it’s-time-to-update list. But, just as is the case with keeping up with the latest technology, home décor is not a tackle-once-and-for-all matter. After a certain time, our home décor starts to feel drab and it simply is the time for an updated, fresh start.

Adding a bit of flair to a dull room doesn’t necessarily mean splurging. You don’t need a vintage accent piece of furniture or an expensive painting to add a touch of grace and take your room from blah to ‘ahhhh”. It can be as simple as controlling the amount of light that enters the space. Yes, I’m talking about window treatments. Custom blinds, to be precise.

Why custom? First off, they are very different from other window treatments because they are… well custom. Meaning, when you buy custom blinds, it is you who dictates how they are going to be made, from size and material to colour, type and model. In a sense, custom blinds are similar to how you take your coffee. The classic black with cream and sugar might simply not do it for you. Maybe you like to kick off each day with a soy latte or freshly-brewed with brown sugar or Stevia only. Similarly, customised blinds are made to fit your windows perfectly- neither too long nor too short. Simply, just right. Sounds amazing? Of course it does. After all, who wouldn’t want a window treatment that fits perfectly.

Blinds can add so much visual interest to a room they’re like the icing on the cake and you surely want your space looking its best. And with custom-made ones, you are sure to create some décor drama. But there’s more to binds than just being decorative. They provide better light and privacy control, and can even help hide some awkward features.

Determine just how much privacy you’re actually seeking. Maybe privacy isn’t much of a concern for you and you’re comfortable with passersby being able to see inside your home. Or maybe you’d like to order and buy custom blinds that offer complete privacy. Your call. The same applies to light control. Do you want to make the room completely dark or do you want to let in as much sunlight possible? With customised blinds you can allow the amount of light you choose.

Blinds are the perfect way to add texture and depth to a room, and while they may have the higher price tag, they are inexpensive way to add grace and subtle sophistication to a room without the expense of a new furniture.

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