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Ways to Reignite Spring’s Delights into Your Home

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Ways to Reignite Spring’s Delights into Your Home

Short sun shining periods and early dark nights are gone as the first days of spring are loudly taking over our streets, parks, the entire surrounding nature, and consequently, our homes. It’s spring cleaning season, and all housewives around the country have the ultimate thought in their head: refreshing their homes and prepping them for the season of joy, colours, fresh air and laughter. Ah, all the enjoyments of spring; I simply can’t think of a person who would mourn over the leaving of winter. Yes, winter is good with all its snow magic, but spring with its greenery, flower scents and colourful palette and the awakening of the entire living world, is far superior.

So under the influence of this spring euphoria, I’ve been thinking: how about bringing a piece of the world’s warmest corners in the comfort of your own living rooms? Think Bali. Heaven on Earth, where nature gave a little too much to humanity in the form of amazing nuances of green, white sands and amazing types of trees. All this translates into untouched nature, living in wooden houses, with all the natural light the sun has to offer, while still being protected from curious eyes.
How do you incorporate that amazing scenery in your home?

It’s fairly easy, actually. You don’t need to get rid of your fancy and modern furniture, nor you need to throw away your classy decorations; you just need to allow the sunlight to do its magic, and maybe change a few elements in the entire room décor.

The most important thing: the blinds

If you had thick blinds on your windows that besides keeping the sunlight away, were also acting as heat protectors, then you need to get them off of your windows as soon as the first rays of sun hit your room. You want as much sunlight as you can possibly get to illuminate your rooms and spread the positivity of the spring sun. So, first things first: start searching for wooden venetian blinds for sale and get yours for the main window points in your home: the living room being the most important.

The bedroom comes second, although some people are more into complete privacy when they retrieve to sleep. Wooden venetian blinds are a great choice because they offer the privacy you want. Plus, with the technology of today, they come in various colours and styles, which makes it easier for you to choose. According to the rest of the interior design, choose a colour that will complement the scheme, not disturb it. When looking for venetian blinds for sale, I suggest you go with the wooden variant since this material fits best with the Bali-inspired look for spring. Along with the next few details, you can easily create the soothing oasis you so desire.

Green details

Normally, when you’re trying to lure spring into your home, you want to install as much green colour as possible. If you have warm and cosy furniture covers over your furnishings, wash them and store them in your closets; you’ll take them out again when winter comes. Instead, choose light-coloured covers in green nuances, or some other fresh colour, like pastels for example. Add fresh flowers in the room, and spring scented candles. Decorate with pillows which will complement the rugs and the sofas. All this in combination with the wood from the blinds, would recreate the Bali scenery; peace and calmness in the comfort of your own home satisfying your sight, smell and taste buds. This way when you take a deep breath and close your eyes, you can drift off to the white sandy beaches and the endless blue seas.

A friendly tip: try to recreate a certain scenery in your home; one that left you feeling happy and satisfied. According to interior design philosophies, if your most immediate surroundings don’t make you happy, your life would fall in an instant mess. And from personal experience, that’s kind of true.

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