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Improve Your Everyday Life with Motorized Blinds

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Improve Your Everyday Life with Motorized Blinds

Whether you are purchasing your dream home or already living in it, you probably love finding out new ways to improve and modernize your household. And with everything becoming automatic, it doesn’t come as a surprise that manufacturers have managed to find a way to make the simple task of raising and lowering the blinds automatic. Simply said, motorized blinds are a great invention and a worthy investment.

They are More Convenient

We might hate to admit it, but one of the perks of having motorized blinds is that we don’t have to interrupt our lazy lounging around. Imagine getting comfortable on your couch while watching TV and needing to get up and lower the blinds. Well, we no longer get up to change the channels on the TV or to turn on the air conditioning, so why not use a remote controller for our blinds too, right?

Another scenario that comes to mind is waking up in the morning with the blinds lowered all the way down and being too sleepy to get out of bed to let some sunshine in. Or even dozing off late at night and remembering to lower the blinds but not wanting to get up. Whatever the reason, they are definitely more convenient!

They are Child- and Pet-Friendly

Little children and pets are curious, and they will probably want to fumble with the cords. There is also the possibility that they will get tangled or stuck in them. So, if you are childproofing your house, you should definitely look into motorized blinds. On another note, sometimes children can’t reach the cord in order to lower or raise the blinds and having a remote control will make it easier for them to adjust the blinds if you are not around.


Easier to Operate by the Elderly and Disabled

We all want to make the everyday living situation of our loved ones easier. By installing electric blinds, we provide them with the opportunity to be more independent in their home. People that have difficulty walking and those suffering from shaky hands will benefit greatly from automatic blinds. They will only need to keep the remote control within reach, instead of getting up and fumbling with the cords.

They Can Improve the Value of Your Home

With home investments, it is best to look ahead! Motorized roller blinds will probably become the norm in every household. If you are planning on building a house, it is cheaper and easier to install them before the house is finished. Having automatic window blinds will increase your pool of potential buyers. It is also possible to install them after the fact. This can only add more value to your home.

You Can Adjust Your Blinds Using Your Smartphone

Most automatic window blinds on the market have the option to control them by using an app installed on your phone. The best thing about this is that you can adjust the blinds even if you aren’t home! Let’s say you are travelling for the weekend and have a house plant close to a window. Some houseplants require direct sunlight in order to thrive. If you aren’t at home, it would make sense to want to have the blinds down. However, with motorized roller shades, you won’t have to deprive your plants of sunshine!

Some people also like to have the blinds raised when they are away. The purpose of this is to make it seem as if there is someone at home at all times in order to deter robbers. In addition, smart blinds can also be integrated with other smart home systems, such as Google or Alexa. This means that you will be able to use voice commands to adjust the blinds!


Lower and Raise All Blinds at the Same Time

This is another one of those smart features they have to offer. Most remote controllers for electric blinds have the option to lower or raise all of the blinds in your home with just one click. Before leaving the house for work or a long weekend trip, you won’t need to go around lowering them one by one. You can even group the blinds by rooms. For example, you can raise all of the blinds in the room you are currently using and then lower all of them when leaving the room.

They Are Sleek and Stylish

Without having those unsightly plastic cords hanging, your blinds will look more sophisticated. The motor will be placed in the roller blind tube – you won’t even notice it is there! You will also have more freedom when decorating your home. We usually can’t put anything close to the side of the window where the cords are so that we can easily access them. And if that space is no longer reserved for your blinds, you can arrange your furniture in a way that makes the most out of the space you have.

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