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Sheer Curtains: A Classic That Goes Beyond Trends

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Sheer Curtains: A Classic That Goes Beyond Trends

The popular trend of keeping your windows bare that’s present in many modern and minimalist spaces may make it seem that curtains are just thing of the past. However, it can’t be denied that the right curtains can really give a room a nice finished touch. So, if you are someone that just can’t see themselves following this modern trend, (hello, curious neighbours) but you sure love simple and modern spaces, then, s fold sheer curtains are probably your best bet.

The airy look that these offer comes as a result of the specially designed track that allows the curtains to hang in a continuous wave. This makes them are a great way of adding a decorative interest to your windows, without creating visual clutter. In spaces where overly bright sunlight and attaining privacy is an issue, these curtains can come in quite handy by filtering the light that enters a room during the day, (as too much sunlight can damage the furniture and not to mention it can make rooms unbearably warm in the summer) while offering some privacy. They look best when they are hung high and wide, which also makes them ideal for large areas.


One of the best way to incorporate s fold sheer curtains into your design is to have them custom-made. Going this route opens up many options when it comes to the size, colour, track and fabric options. This way you can make them manufactured to your specifications.

For instance, picking the colour of your window sheers depend on the colour palette that’s already established in the room. If you want for your new curtains to blend in, you should pick a curtain that has the same tone with the wall but a few shades darker. Or instead of trying to match the curtains with the colour on the walls, you can create interest to a pale white wall with a moody grey sheer curtain.

The quality of the fabric and the fullness also add to the benefit of custom curtains. When you make s fold sheer curtains to your own preferences, you can choose the quality of the material you want and how much you want of it. The ending result could be a full and luxurious looking curtain that fits well.

By getting customized s fold sheer curtains, you will also be able to tailor the fabric thickness which will affect how much light will get into the room. For instance, If you want to block the sun, use thicker fabric or for rooms that you want to increase natural light, use thinner fabric. You can design different curtains for different rooms, depending on their position in the house. For instance, thicker curtains can be placed on a north-facing window in a room that gets lots of light, but if this is your only source of natural light then you might not want to cover it with thick curtain.

Also, custom sheer shades can be made to measure according to your windows. To measure for sheer curtains, start by measuring the width of your window so that you can choose the track. Allow for a minimum of 15cm on each side in order to achieve a fuller and more luxurious look. Measuring the drop or the height of the track should be based on the effect you are trying to achieve with the curtains. For instance, to achieve the ‘hovers’ effect, (when the curtains hang just above the floor which can be practical for easy cleaning and exit doors), measure down to the floor. To create the ‘breaking’ gently effect or curtains that break slightly at the floor, add an additional 50 mm to the actual length.

The installation can be done by you, which in turn can save you some money and in many cases, specialists usually give their customers plenty of instructions with videos and brochures. Others offer installation services to make sure your curtains are properly installed, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

In order to make sheer curtains look good, before hanging them iron the wrinkles (if any). Once the curtains have been ironed, they will immediately fall into neat folds. Sheer curtains can look great on their own, but if you ever get tired of that look, there are many ways to style them. One of the many advantages is that they offer the perfect canvas to play with. The lightweight material makes them easy to manipulate – just move the curtains to one side of the window and attach a tieback to hold the sheers in place. Tiebacks can be interesting by themselves and may come in glass, assorted metals, ceramic and wood.

If you want to create a bit of drama, just go for drapes and valances. What you can also try is to layer them up with blackout curtains on the same window as to create the perfect focal point but also with the intention to control the amount of light you want to let in. Wave curtains can also be combined with your main curtain (sewn in the back) to add a level of privacy and a little bit of a romantic feel.

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