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The Whole Story Behind The Leatherman Rev – The Budget King


The Whole Story Behind The Leatherman Rev – The Budget King

A collection of 14 different smartly-chosen tools has made it into the small and budget-friendly multitool which Leatherman launched – the Rev. Featuring a 420HC stainless steel blade, its build quality may not be that of a higher-end tool but its weight is somewhat on the lower side which makes it a highly desirable tool to have for enthusiasts. This 9.6 cm long and 176g heavy piece of metal resembles Leatherman’s Sidekick and Wingman tools which have a slightly different design. Now let’s take a look at its exact features and see why it is praised so much.


The great number of features that the Rev multitool has is extremely useful when it comes to providing you with the best from both worlds – convenience and functionality. With the Leatherman Rev, you get the 25-year Leatherman warranty, which is standard for all Leatherman products, a replaceable pocket clip, obviously the high carbon (HC) stainless steel, and outside accessible features.



Since there are 14 different tools, we’re going to explain them by groups so it’s easier to grasp the capabilities of the Rev. First, we’ll start with the file, the package opener and ruler, which although seem like everyday tools – they are actually not used that much. The package opener is this small hook that lets you make a hole in a package and open it. The file can be used to smoothen out plastic, wood and even soft metals. Although the ruler doesn’t go around the tool, like on other products, it gives you about 3.8cm to work with which is ideal if you happen to do miniature art or repair devices with small components.

Then, you have the wire stripper, the can opener and the bottle opener which are all located on one piece of metal, meaning they have their own attachment. The can opener is your standard Swiss army tool which also doubles as a bottle opener and it does open canned goods pretty easy. The wire stripper although small, it actually performs really well.

It contains three screwdrivers, out of which 2 are of a different kind – two flatheads and one Phillips screwdriver. The flathead drivers come in a small and medium size, with the smaller one being located on top of the file. The Phillips screwdriver is of the flattened type but it works pretty well with most screws.

The durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel blade measures at 6.6cm long which is held by the Rev’s handles nice and tight. This is a straight-edged drop point blade which can be accessed from the outside. Keep in mind that you can’t open it with one hand, it is very sturdy and not that hard to sharpen.

Last but not least, we have the pliers and wire cutters, with the former being able to grip very well together and having a great bite pattern. The pliers on the Leatherman Rev have flatter sides and an overall boxier shape than the usual pliers found on most Leatherman multitools. With these wire cutters, you get the option to choose between using a regular or a hardwire cutter – both of them have an overlapping blade design which doesn’t leave any gaps that would prevent a clean cut.

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