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A Backyard to Adore – Climbing Flowering Vines for Every Taste

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A Backyard to Adore – Climbing Flowering Vines for Every Taste

Bare walls? Unsightly fence? А hot house in summer that needs some shade? All these issues will be a thing of the past with my latest outdoor design obsession – climbing flowering vines. Transforming your problem into lush greenery that will provide your outdoor space with months of fragrance and colour, climbing vines are a timeless design element that can beautify your space.

Depending on your purpose, there is an endless variety to choose from, so make up your mind whether you’d prefer an evergreen cover or you’d want to let the winter’s sun through a pergola for instance? Whatever your choice may be, we got you. There is a truly overwhelming choice of climbing flowering vines which can thrive in all parts of Australia.

Shade-Loving Climbers

There is no way you could be disappointed by the fragrant, white lace-like blooms in spring and summer time of the Chinese star jasmine. The best thing about it is that it beautifully grows in both shaded spots as well as in full sun. Its glossy green foliage is astonishing year round and if you wish to achieve different foliage effects, know that it comes in two variegated forms. “Variegata” has creamy yellow margins, and “Tricolour” comes with beautiful pink-tipped new growth that extends into a clotted cream tone.


Winter Climbers

It really is impossible to walk by a gorgeous Pyrostegia without doing a double take. Its Instagram-worthy bright flowers literally cover the entire plant in beautiful orange blooms for weeks during the winter. It needs initial support to start climbing, but once it does – it is the most beautiful thing you’ve laid your eyes on. It thrives perfectly well in full sun and can easily cover many meters. If orange is not your most preferred colour, however, go for a touch of sunshine with the breathtaking Carolina jasmine, also known as Gelsemium. It blooms in yellow flowers during late winter and spring, and then again in autumn. Its evergreen glossy foliage is a sight not to miss and the best part about it is that it can thrive in all climates.

Fragrant Flowers

Woodbine, which is also known as honeysuckle, is a vigorous climber with scented flowers. It can grow uncontrollably in warm climates, so it needs to be pruned after it has flowered. On the other hand, if you’re more into less vigorous climbing flowering vines, your best choice is the Hoya – a slow-growing plant that can last for as long as thirty years in the same pot, gifting you with flowers every year. It blooms in its full splendor in semi-shade, but it can also tolerate sun.

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