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The Basic Types of Welding Machines All DIYers Need to Know


The Basic Types of Welding Machines All DIYers Need to Know

If you are a bit more advanced DIYer, you’ve probably given buying a welding machine a thought. Since purchasing a welder is an investment that shouldn’t be made in the blink of an eye, you need to be well informed regarding the different types before deciding to go through this investment. However, taking some time to learn what type suits your needs is worthwhile since owning a quality welding machine can help you save on repair costs and help you with wide array of hobbies. Here’s how the different welding machine models are divided.

Stick Welding

Stick Welding

This is the most widely recognized type of welding, also called arc welding. Stick features a flux coating around the consumable rod for the purpose of providing a shielding gas which keep impurities away from the molten metal. This renders it suitable for outdoor environments. This is the only type of welding that doesn’t allow the wind to blow stick gases away. It also offers good penetration and weld control. Amperage is well controlled and there is the possibility for it to be done as a one or two hand operation. It’s important to mention that some of these machines can weld up to ½-inch thick steel. However, the fact that stick welding isn’t the best option when it comes to aluminum shouldn’t be left out too. It’ not impossible to do it, especially not with a proper rod, but it’s rather difficult. This is why this type is not usually recommended to novice welders who are not familiar with the different ways one can manipulate this machine to weld thin materials.

TIG Welding

Tig Welding

The whole process of this type of welding heavily relies on a non-consumable tungsten electrode. TIG requires a separate shielding gas that is being delivered from a bottle to a “torch” head with the help of a hose and regulator. Through the torch head, the shielding gas is blown, however, the type of shielding gas used depends on the material that is being welded. The usage of separate shielding gas results makes for cleaner welds and less porosity issues. Many people consider TIG a cleaner type of welding when compared to stick, manipulating the equipment is not that easier as it might seem at first sight.

MIG Welding

Mig Welding

It’s safe to say that this is the easiest welding process. A MIG welding machine features a consumable wire electrode that is fed through a whip or a spool gun (if you’re welding aluminum). In order to start the machine, you have to squeeze the trigger on the whip or spool gun’s end and this sends a signal to the feed wire and the then the welding begins. These machines are a great choice for farmers, hobbyists and for those of you interested in doing some home maintenance chores.

There are a few precaution measures you ought to take when incorporating welding into your DIY world, the most important one being to keep the work-space free of flammables. Also, make sure the juice keeps flowing at minimum while doing the job.

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