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Keep Your Lawn Looking Trim: A Guide to Whipper Snippers


Keep Your Lawn Looking Trim: A Guide to Whipper Snippers

If you’re someone who loves taking care of their lawn, but often times gets frustrated because of the inability to reach the grass that’s right up to the wall or fence, then you’re probably looking for a different solution than hand-cutting that grass. Luckily, whipper snippers, or more commonly known as line trimmers exist. They make short work of straggly runners and overgrown weeds.

There are three basic whipper snipper for sale types you’ll find on the market, which are categorised by the way they are powered – electric, battery-powered and petrol. When looking for the right whipper snipper for sale you should consider the shape and size of your lawn, the types of obstacles and edges it contains (garden beds, trees, walls, paths, etc) and the type of grass.

Petrol-Powered Trimmer

Petrol-powered models are the ideal choice for huge areas or contractors, as they’re easily refueled and are the most effective at cutting through swathes of tough, long grass. Domestic models typically have curved shafts, however, straight shaft trimmers are also widely available under a different name – brush cutters. Brush cutters are typically considered heavy-duty, are much more powerful than curved-shaft trimmers, and typically have a longer reach. Most petrol trimmers have two-stroke engines, meaning you’ll have to mix the fuel with petrol and oil. Moreover, you should consider getting a transparent tank to see when the fuel is running low.

Electric and Battery-Powered Trimmers

These models typically have less cutting power but are extremely convenient to use in small yards. They have an easy-to-start powering mechanism and are quite when in use. Corded trimmers require an extension cord, which can be quite dangerous. This makes them suitable for small backyards only. Electric cordless models on the other hand have their motors at the cutting head instead of the handle, and have no drive shaft (it’s adjustable).

If buying a cordless battery model, consider buying a back-up battery. The biggest things to consider when it comes to buying batteries are: battery voltage and capacity. The voltage indicates the batteries’ power and most modern batteries come rated at 36V, 40V and 56V. The capacity indicates the running time of the battery. 1.5Ah and 2Ah batteries are good enough for a basic yard, but if you need longer run times look for larger capacity batteries.

Whatever type you end up choosing, it won’t break your bank. Quality lawn trimmer models can cost anywhere between $100 and $600. This makes them an affordable investment in the long term, and if you take proper care of them, they’re likely to last you over a decade.

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