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How to Reclaim the Beauty of an Overgrown Yard

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How to Reclaim the Beauty of an Overgrown Yard

The progressively growing lawn doesn’t care about the things you have on your schedule. Going on a holiday? Well, enjoy your trip to the fullest because when you return, you’ll be greeted by a dense jungle of vegetation. And you don’t even have to leave town for your lawn to grow out of control. Skip a few trimmings and mowing sessions and the yard can become overgrown right under your nose.

When that happens, you’ll find how an overgrown yard is the complete opposite of its impeccable self. Instead of colourful butterflies and playful birds, the inhabitants around your house will be pesky flies, mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. If you want to be able to still enjoy a warm day or summer night in your outdoor oasis, you will need to take drastic measures, pronto!

Before you put yourself to work, you will need to eliminate any pests that may have nested in the overgrown brush or in the soil. Spray the area with a universal insecticide to get rid of possible hornets, wasps or, God forbid, fire ants. As you walk, take a look around and mark which plants, shrubs or trees you’d want to keep around your landscape.

This was the easy part. It’s only when you move onto clearing up the lawn that you will be cursing yourself for not paying the necessary amount of attention to your yard. And the first step, will be the hardest. A typical lawnmower won’t be able to tame an almost knee-high grass while a trimmer lacks the power to cut through it. Well, then it’s time to buy brush cutter online or from some of your local power equipment stores.

Brush cutters are the ideal tools when vegetation goes out of control. Besides dealing with overgrown grass, the brush cutter can also be applied for jobs that a trimmer or scythe normally can’t accomplish such as removing saplings or large selections of brush. Amazingly, a brush cutter can also be used for removing small trees in the lack of a chainsaw. But besides its heavy-duty purpose, with the right attachments this tool can also be used for mild trimmings and shaping hedges. Therefore, when looking to buy brush cutter online or at your local garden supply store, check for models with both a metal blade attachment for serious weed whacking and a thin nylon string (found in trimmers) for some simple tasks.

Usually, getting an overgrown lawn into a decent shape is impossible on the first try. A gradual approach is found to be most successful. First you need to remove the top layer of the grass. Moving with the brush cutter in straight rows, rather than circles, will allow you to have a better oversight and keep the project more manageable. Use the full-power setting when cutting the first time. After you’ve cleared up part of the mess, you can move over to locating any weeds or damaged shrubs you want to eliminate. Leave the lawn some time to repair itself.

After three or four days, use the brush cutter again only this time on moderate setting because the grass will be more manageable. Cut down the lawn until it’s 10 cm off the ground. Again, let another few days pass so that it can recuperate. After that, it will be ready for the final mow. And this time you can freely use a regular lawnmower. Mow it with overlapping passes so that the outcome will be an even, uniform look. And finally, water the lawn deeply and thoroughly.

When you’re done with all the heavy work, you can proceed with your regular garden routine. If you find that your yard looks somewhat dry from all the cutting and mowing, apply an organic mulcher to invigorate it.

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