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Lawnmower Can Help You Maintain a Good-Looking Lawn (With Less Time and Effort)


Lawnmower Can Help You Maintain a Good-Looking Lawn (With Less Time and Effort)

As an average homeowner, chances are you spend 3 hours every week on garden maintenance and mow your lawn around 30 times a year. But in return, your lawn pays you back for all of your hard work. For one, it serves as a huge air conditioner, keeping your home cool. It also releases a large amount of oxygen and captures the dirt and dust flying in the air to keep you and your family healthy. And of course, it’s your favourite place to play some ball and spend the summer evenings relaxing. The healthier your lawn is, the more of its benefits you get to enjoy.

This is where a lawn mower comes into play. Making a good pick means you won’t have to slave over your lawn to keep it healthy and luscious. And a good and cheap lawnmower should not be difficult to find nowadays when we are spoilt for choice. If you are looking to replace your old one, or want to own your first ever lawnmower, here are some tips to guide you along the way.

The Right Time to Buy

If you’ve ever bought garden tools, you know the drill – winter is the season to be jolly and equip your shed with all the tools you’re lacking. As soon as autumn has ended, both physical and online stores selling power equipment drop the prices on their selection of garden tools in order to clear the stocks for the new spring arrivals. This could be the just perfect chance to find yourself a quality yet cheap lawnmower.Lawnmower

Manual, Petrol or Electric Model?

There’s a type of lawnmower for the many different lawns and homeowners. If you have a small lawn, and want to save the environment while saving a few dollars, than an Eco-friendly lawn mower can be a good choice for you. No wires, no fuel, and no pollution – these are the advantages of a manual reel mower. While it does not require any power, it does demand that you put a lot of your muscle power into pushing it.

On the other hand, operating a petrol mower is like a walk in the park (and in this case the park is your garden). You only need to lightly turn it into the direction you want it to go and it will finish the process of mowing your entire lawn in no time. It’s the most potent out of all mowers and due to it’s weight it succeeds in cutting the grass evenly without anything sticking out. These mowers are great for large acreages, where a corded model might not be able to succeed in mowing the entire lawn.

And of course, there are electric models as well. They are the best choice for when you need a good amount of force, but your budget does not allow to buy a gas model. Opposed to a gas mower, an electric one is usually less loud what makes it convenient for when you want to cut your lawn without disturbing any neighbours. Electric mowers can also mow large lawns, as long as their cord reaches the nearest outlet. When using such a mower, you need to be careful that the cord does not get tangled around some tree or a shrub.

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