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Bringing Theater Entertainment at Home: Creating a Home Theater

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Bringing Theater Entertainment at Home: Creating a Home Theater

Now that we’ve welcomed 2018, the talks about the Golden Globe, and the Oscars, have already started as well. It sure is tempting enough to want to watch anything and everything that’s going to hit the theaters this year, however when you don’t have a theater close to your home, nor the time to visit one as often as wanted, there’s only one thing to do: make your own home theater!

You thought I was going to say give up on going to the theater, right? Why give up on such great entertainment altogether, when you can bring it close to you, in your very abode! After finally deciding to undertake this project with my husband, the first thing we did when we started building our theater was going on the quest for the ideal home theater seating for sale.
Home Theater Seating for Sale
Not only did we come across comfortable, and stylish lounges, that bring about luxury with their charm, they are also equipped with cup holders, as well as a reclining feature, so we get to position them at the angles that we most see fit! Experiencing cinematic pleasure is guaranteed. After the home theater seating for sale, it was time for the monitor and sound system.

Since this room wasn’t exactly planned for a theater, it wasn’t so easy to get all the cables through, mount the monitor, and install the sound system, so not wanting to end up messing it up instead, we ditched the idea of having this as our DIY project, and called in professionals. It was money well spent, since they did a great job, first inspecting the whole room to make a detailed plan, then finishing it all up without cables in sight.

It also took faster than we expected it would, simply because of the help of professionals, who didn’t even leave a mess behind. Now that it’s all finished, we are having as much fun as you can imagine. Whenever we want to watch something, we say let’s go to the theater – the best part is we don’t get to buy tickets, don’t listen to annoying coughs in the middle of crucial film or series moments, or struggle to find the perfect angle in the attempt to avoid heads in the seats in front.

Of course, our first try with watching films and series was Netflix, but having in mind it has its flaws too, especially when the internet isn’t great, along with wanting to watch something fresh out of the studios, we’ve managed to find some great alternatives with online streaming. Now if you’ll excuse me, we have some catching up to do with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

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