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What To Consider When Decorating With Yellow Photo Frames

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What To Consider When Decorating With Yellow Photo Frames

Choosing yellow colour for your decorations is a bold choice. I say that because yellow is a pretty strong colour for interior design purposes, and if you don’t understand it well and don’t combine it with the most suitable colours, you’ll end up with something that won’t look good at all. With that being said, the first thing you need to know about yellow is that it’s not just the colour of the Sun in drawings, but it’s also the colour of yellow peach, lemons, cantaloupes, honey dew and muskmelon. Point is, there are a lot of yellow nuances and not all of them are meant to be used for decorating your home.

From all the decorations in the vast palette of choices, in this post I’ve decided to concentrate on photo frames. Photo frames are all kinds of beautiful décor elements: they hold dear memories, they can be in various lovely shapes and sizes and hold pictures of beautiful sights. Overall, they beautify your interior with both their appearance and function. Generally, smaller photo frames are used for beautifying shelves in a room – around a TV or a music unit, around a flower arrangement, or beside a small book collection. And then there’s the entire photo frame row with important moments frozen in time on a piece of paper. This option requires special attention paid for arranging. Ah, the possibilities are endless. But first, lets talk basics.

The colour – choose it carefully

As I said, yellow is a complicated colour; it has identity of its own and when you see a yellow décor element in someone’s home, you should know this person knows interior design stuff. The simplest tip I can give you about yellow is this: stay away from screaming nuances as they’re meant for cartoons and children’s drawings. Go with the softer tones even when it comes to choosing yellow photo frames. Just because these are going to hang on the walls and be positioned on shelves doesn’t mean they should be a pain to the eye.

Colours – combine them with taste

A colour combination with yellow – tough job. As a bright nuance, yellow should be added to more numb tones like grey, black and dark brown at the very least. It can be supported with white and it can be combined with tones like marine blue for example. Do not, in any case, combine yellow with red nuances; this is not an attempt to create a floral garden out of your home.

Where to put them?

If you have walls painted in black or grey, you can easily create a photo wall with yellow photo frames. It would break the monotonous darkness and it will place a focus point on your walls. Yellow drawer cabinets, accent chairs and similar elements should not overcrowd the room if you want to accentuate their appearance with frames. Meaning, make sure the frames are placed on the opposite side of them so that you create a whole. And if you don’t have other yellow elements in the room, just throw in a yellow flower arrangement on the coffee table or on a suitable corner in the room where it’s most convenient.


As you can see, yellow colour simply can’t be used for anything else than a colour for decorating. It serves to accentuate a certain interior design scheme, to beautify and break a dark monotony. It should not, by all means, be used as a base colour due to its high level of general brightness.

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