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Cuba: The Colourful Caribbean Island Worthy of Exploration


Cuba: The Colourful Caribbean Island Worthy of Exploration

There’s something about Cuba that speaks great adventure. Is it the striking Spanish Colonial architecture that makes one feel like travelling back in time all the way to the 15th and 16th century, the smell of the legendary and best cigars in the world, or the natural jewels – the kilometres of sandy beaches?

Most likely, the combination of all three together, with a dash of plenty more other reasons. Cuba is an island tucked away in the Caribbean Sea, famous for its remarkable history and historic figures, like the presidents the Castro brothers, and the Argentinian Che Guevara for his influence in the Cuban Revolution.

Now that this country is open to foreigners and tourism has started to flourish with cities being given an international flair, gone are the days of strict communist rule. There’s also no shortage of Cuba vacation packages, from first class escorted and private tours, to ship cruises along the Caribbean Sea to other neighbouring islands, and Mexico, so if you decide to make the search now and find the one most suitable for you, you’d have plenty to choose from.

You can expect to see lots of vast tobacco fields, pay a visit to one of the factories and get to see how the famous cigars are made, particularly in the place called Viñales, while cruising around the landscapes in one of the iconic vintage 1950s cars. Along with the marvellous capital Havana, most Cuba vacation packages include travelling to other vibrant cities like Cienfuegos, Santa Clara, Trinidad, Varadero, and San Cristóbal, as well as historic bays like the Bay of Pigs (Playa Girón).

There’s definitely no shortage on beauty everywhere you look, which explains how nine Cuban sites made it as UNESCO heritage, two of which the national parks Alejandro de Humboldt, and Desembarco del Granma, plus the archaeological sites of the first coffee plantations in the South-East of Cuba, the old fortifications of Havana, and Santiago, the historic centres of Cienfuegos, and Camagüey, the Viñales Valley, Trinidad and its Valle de los Ingenios (the famous Sugar Mills Valley).

Cuba’s music, people, food, and drinks certainly won’t disappoint you either. Same as you would expect to see Brazilians dancing their samba, and Argentinians dancing their tango on streets, you can enjoy the lively rhythm of rumba and salsa through the colourful city alleys, then go get your energy back in their restaurants binging on pastel de boniato, and fufú del plátano.

Cigars aren’t the only famous Cuban product, there’s also the savoury rum and all their different cocktails you can drink in some of their well known bars, like the Bodeguita del Medio, and the US writer’s, Ernest Hemingway, La Flordita. We believe this is sufficient enough to make you want to get to Cuba and make your own story and adventure in this breathtaking Caribbean island, so don’t wait up and start packing your suitcases.


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