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Coffee Table: Choosing This Vital Piece with Attention to Details

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Coffee Table: Choosing This Vital Piece with Attention to Details

No living-room can live up to its purpose without the right coffee table to rest your coffee, tea, cake, crackers, flowers and books. And if you are like me, chances are there are a lot more items that fit on this list. The coffee table is simply that one piece of furniture that makes the living room suited for living. But besides giving the room a more purposeful nature, a nice coffee table can also influence its aesthetic appeal. Because it has a prominent centre place, it caries the important task of tying everything together.

Whether your living-room calls for a sophisticated table, a quirky and creative stool, or even an upholstered ottoman, there’s a little something for everyone in the wide choice of contemporary tables on the Australian market. However, having such a broad selection of contemporary tables in front of you can make the task of choosing a coffee table confusing. For this reason, we give you a few important factors to keep in mind when doing so.

Glass, wood, rattan, or even marble. The material your coffee table is made of is what defines it in terms of durability, but also, more importantly, looks. Usually, people tend to go for timber models because of their sturdiness and longevity. But with this comes also the bonus of having a natural furniture element that makes the room even cosier. Although you might think wood is an old-fashioned choice of material, there are many sculptural timber tables in various forms that can provoke interest.

On the other hand, there are glass tables that look more sophisticated and modern and can be the perfect choice for small spaces. Due to their transparency, they are known to visually open up and extend the room. Because glass is no eye-catcher, the decorative items you choose to place on the table can influence how it will stand out. Therefore, choose wisely. If you want to impress your guests, nothing tops the lavishness of a marble table. A large marble table conveys boldness and splendour and fits in more luxurious contemporary settings. Smaller models also draw attention, but are more on the subtle side.

Regarding size, there’s not much to think about. The rule goes that a coffee table should not be larger than the length of the sofa, anything below it goes but be careful not to pick one that’s too small and has no practical use. As far as form is considered, round and rectangular ones are the most common choices. Oval coffee tables help circulation of drinks or food when there are many seats and also free up the surrounding space for movement. On the other hand, rectangular ones provide more space for resting things on the table.

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