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Five Signs of a Valuable Antique

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Five Signs of a Valuable Antique

Antiques are pretty IN now and everything that is becoming popular is probably being reproduced. Finding an original, authentic antique items sometimes can be a challenging task. There are many con-artists out there that will sell you overpriced antiques, far from original and authentic. My advice for you is to always consult with an expert that can give you the names of some renowned antique dealers Melbourne area. To find an original and authentic antique, here are the five signs you should look for:

Signs of Wear

There is a general rule regarding how to spot an original and authentic antique: Real antiques always look imperfect and will probably have a lot of flaws due to the constant usage over the years. When you see a reproduction, it will look brand new, symmetrical and flawless.


Another good way to spot if the antique you are buying is valuable or not is to look underneath. During the times when antiques were originally made, carpenters did not use expensive wood all over the piece, but only in places where you can see them. However, reproductions are made from the same type of material – top to bottom.


If it stinks than it’s valuable! Sitting in the basements or warehouses for a century, antiques can emit a musty and terrible smell. On the other hand, reproductions’ fresh scent is a dead give-away.

Upholstery Stuffing

Synthetic materials were not used until later in the 1920’s, therefore, anything that is made before that should not contain anything synthetically made. For example, a pre-1920 upholstery would be stuffed with natural materials like horsehair or hay.


There are so many great, professional antique dealers Melbourne wide that are willing to offer you a piece of advice. Now you have these tips up your sleeve, you can even do it even yourself and choose the perfect antique for your home. Good luck in integrating that vintage feel and turning your home into a more prestigious and lavish place.

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