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Technology May Have Exceeded Humanity, But It’s Nothing Without IT Services


Technology May Have Exceeded Humanity, But It’s Nothing Without IT Services

“To err is human, but to really screw up, you need a computer.” As much as computers can make our every day life easier, they can also be the source of our problems. There are many things that can go wrong with computers such as security, networks, hardware, software, system updates and so on. And knowing how to use a computer doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to fix one. So, when turning it off and on again fails, it is time to get professional help.

Today almost every business depends on computer technology to handle communications, accounting, marketing, sales, payroll, and many other aspects that are critical to the company. This is why it is crucial to have effective IT support that will be able to get to your problem with minimal downtime.

Basically you have two options – hiring an in-house IT staff or outsourcing IT services. While the first option may seem really convenient, you can’t cover all areas with just a few individuals and hiring a staff with the knowledge in all fields that is also available 24/7 is going to be really expensive to maintain.

This is why more and more businesses turn to outsourced managed IT services as the most viable and cost effective solution to IT issues. Here are just a few of the many benefits of outsourcing IT management.

● First of all having an in-house IT specialist is not a guarantee that he will have knowledge of all the hardware, software, and all the procedures used by your business. An IT service, on the other hand, is composed of a team of qualified expert consultants with the skills and experience to handle IT problems from all areas.

● As I mentioned before, an in-house IT expert is very expensive. It can average around $100k per year and you still might need to hire additional help in case of a more serious problem, while an IT provider will handle all your infrastructure at just fraction of the cost. The reason why outsourcing is so cost effective is because the expenses associated with a full time in-house IT expert such as a top salary, holidays, benefits, training, education, and so on. With outsourcing your costs will depend on your needs and your system will be monitored at all time, reducing the risk of any major problems occurring.

● Outsourcing IT services allow you to focus all of your resources on the core functions of your business, instead of having to deal with computer network problems on a daily basis. Although as a business owner you are tempted to do everything yourself since you have limited funds, with outsourcing your staff will have more time to live up to their full potential.

● Online security is another benefit you get from outsourcing which is very important for your business. With all the hacking going on, your business must have up-to-date security standards and that can be too much for a company to handle on its own. Outsourced managed IT support will significantly reduce the risk of breaches related to credit card numbers, client data, and all sorts of sensitive information.

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