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Hilux Bonnet Protector: Add Protection to Valuable Paint and Bodywork


Hilux Bonnet Protector: Add Protection to Valuable Paint and Bodywork

Utility vehicles are becoming more and more popular in Australia, not just among tradespeople, but among average commuters as well. The Toyota HiLux is one of those utility vehicles that has become the top selling vehicle overall in Australia the past few years. The success of the HiLux is the result of its sheer reliability, affordability and consistency. Not only is it popular among tradespeople and commuters, but it’s also very popular among off-road enthusiasts.

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Even though the HiLux is incredibly reliable on the road, it faces some challenges that vehicles face on the off-road. To overcome these challenges, the average off-roader has to invest into a few pieces of off-road equipment to protect their valuable HiLux. One of the most commonly bought off-road accessories that offers superior protection is the HiLux bonnet protector.

Even the slightest damages like scratches can be costly to repair. Paint jobs can’t be performed on the scratched spot only, but often times you’ll have to re-paint the entirety of the vehicle’s body. A HiLux bonnet protector protects your valuable paint and bodywork, thus reducing maintenance costs. There are various types of bonnet protectors that are designed specifically for the HiLux, and you won’t experience a shortage of options when it comes to model, year and make either.

The most fearsome enemies to the off-roader are animals, insects, airborne debris and stones. Kangaroos especially can be notoriously dangerous, and cause serious damage. Bonnet protectors can prevent a fair amount of damage, and many Australians, not just off-road enthusiasts find them essential.

Moreover, bonnet protectors are aerodynamically efficient and are tear and wear resistant. They’re usually made of leather or vinyl and are available in various different colours to contrast or coordinate with your HiLux’ colours. High quality protectors often feature weather protection properties, and are ideal in all climate conditions.

If leather or vinyl don’t appeal to you, you can opt for a full-hood cover which is typically made from polyester with spandex or lycra to ensure a tight fit. As their name suggests, the protectors cover the whole hood of the HiLux, and are customisable in many different ways. You can print a business logo or a sports logo on them, or even a specific picture for a special event. They’re relatively easy to install and remove, which makes them great for events like sports events without having them installed permanently. Either way, the protection factor is here, which is what matters ultimately.

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